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The print versions of the materials are held in the Archives of the Newman Library and may be used by appointment only.
Digitization of the materials is still in progress and links will be activated as materials become available.


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This is the main bibliographic tool file.  It contains all data pertinent to a particular publication. It is currently being provided as a Microsoft Excel file. Once digitization of the archive is completed we will be providing a searchable database for accessing the archive documents.

M_COLLECT  Collection or line 1 of call number; refers to the main category under which the publication falls, i.e., US, NYS, NYC, REF, MAIN, etc. (the code should be in REFER file)
M_CALL2  Line 2 of call number
(should not be blank; parse the code to get dept, agency, etc.; this will be used to display the dept, agency, etc.  the code should be in REFER file)
M_CALL3 Line 3 of call number (can be anything, note, remark,etc.)
M_CALL4 Line 4 of call number (can be anything, note, remark,etc.)
M_AUTHOR Author (should not be blank)
M_TITLE Line 1 of title (should not be blank)
M_PUBLISH  Publisher (can be anything)
M_PUBDATE  Publication date (can be anything)

Contains up to four 3-digit subject codes with delimiters between them, e.g.,
(should have at least one entry)

M_LOC Specific location in the PPI library
M_ACC Unique 5-digit accession number assigned sequentially to each publication(with leading zeros; the last should be saved in the Config file.)


This file contains codes and descriptions for various collections, including government documents, reference and regular books

R_TYPE Reference type (NYC, NYS, US, REF, MAIN, etc.)
R_CODE  Reference code which should be compatible with the Call number; it should contain the entire code or portions of it to identify the dept/agency or code
R_DESC  Name of Dept or Agency or description of the code



 r_type + r_code)

"     NYC             " New York City
"     NYS             " New York State
"NYC  E7                    " Department of Health and Human Services
"NYC  E7.46            " Public Health Division
"NYC  E7.46,1          " National Center for Health Statistics
"NYC  E10              " Department of Education
"REG                      " Main Collection
"REG  EC                  " Economics
"REG  EC.00               " Banking and Investment

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