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The New Campus Library and Technology Center

On Contemplating the New Library and Technology Center
written by Joel Segall
Age 71

iambic tetrameter


The seventh floor across the street
Did not provide a place to meet
Computers? Several blocks away
And lots of students night and day
No room to read or just relax
Few chairs to ease the students backs
No space for acquisitions there
The floor below or anywhere
A problem that was even greater
Just one reluctant elevator
But look at what Baruch has now
What fiber optics will allow
Computer labs and media room
And room and room and room and room
And for the tasteful things therein
The credit goes to-- Marilyn
Don Farley was a major force
Lou Davis was a great resource
I think that it is now the time
To finish with this labored rhyme
Yet one more thing I would observe
That profs and students both deserve
The physical facilities
That match their own abilities
However grand this building be
It suits Baruch's high quality
This shows what can be done with wealth
Now use the building in good health

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