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The rich conservatives seem to be getting very fearful of the rich socialists. Recently, we have all been reading extracts from the editorial supposedly prompted by August Belmont; a denunciation called forth by a circular to college students, a circular signed by among others, J.G. Phelps Stokes, "rich socialist", and Charlotte Perkins Gilman, "professional writer", referred to in the attack.

A most interesting woman is Charlotte Perkins Gilman, by no means not always understandable, but yet most attractive in her originality and her altruism. The rich conservatives may look upon her as a dangerous meddler, but many people go to her lectures and read her writings.

Both as writer and lecturer she carries on her work, is specially interested in the labor question and the progress of women. It was only in 1890 she began to appear before the public, lecturing on ethics, economis and sociology. She writes occasionally for the magazines, her verse has a select circle of admirers, those that care for unique charm, simple and original phrase. Her most noted work is her revolutionary book on "Women and Economics", a much discussed, widely translated work. It is a book that gives small encouragement to women to stay by the hearthside, and for that reason is called dangerious. She has publised a book of verse called "In This Our World", "The Yellow Wall Paper", "Concerning Children", "The Home, Its Work and Influence", Human Work".