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Committee Named to Collect Funds for Expense To Get Airplane View of College

After a long series of unsuccessful attempts to change the 137th street station to "City College," Prof. Robinson has finally come to an agreement with Mr. Hedley of the I. R. T. The name is to be altered provided that all monetary considerations involved be taken care of by the college. The various estimates show that the amount of money necessary is $2,000.

A solution of this vexing problem was effected and there now exists a committee which will seek to raise this fund by making an appeal to the alumni.

The committee consists of: Chairman, Mr. Lamport, 02; the Hon. W. R. Olcott, the Hon.H. W. Mack, Mr. Gano Dunn, Mr. J. G. White, Dr. Joseph J. Klein, and others.

Although no direct appeal will be made to the student body, it is expected that they will participate and give voluntary contributions to the fund. Contributions are by no means compulsory, but as a mark of appreciation for the work which will be carried on wholly and solely for the benefit of the undergraduates, every student of the college will be urged to give something to swell the fund. Such money will be received in Room 226 at any time during the coming few weeks.

When plans have matured, the seal of C. C. N. Y. will be set in tile at about a dozen different points on the station. The old tile will be removed and the words "City College," with a small "137" underneath, will take its place. The college colors will probably be displayed also.

Prof. Robinson has conceived the idea of having the college photograph from the air. Definite arrangement have been made with an airplane photographing concern to procure a view of the buildings from various angles. When these pictures are ready, they will be sold to the student body and alumni.

-- contemporary New York newspaper, circa Dec. 1920.

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Panels Inscribed With "City College" and the Seal are Installed
Movement Started by The Campus
Over 15 Years Ago ---Dean Robinson Carries Project Through

After almost two decades of not very patient waiting, the collective heart of City College was gladdened last week by the re-christening of the 137th Street subway station. At last, students may feel themselves on a parity with their sisters and brothers of Hunter and Columbia as they proudly survey the lavender tablets which bear the three-headed symbol of Alma Mater and the words "City College Station."

It is an interesting historical fact that many years ago, when the great Edward M. Shepherd was Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the Interborough Company, through the good offices of Mr. August Belmont, decided to name the station after the College. Somehow or other, though, the subway station was finished and duly tiled and named, without reference to the College of the City of New York.

When the Campus was first established at the College, it began a crusade for the re-naming of the subway station. But, like many crusades, this did not immediately bear fruit. As many as five years ago, Trustee lee Kohns secured the willingness of the then existing Transit Commission to have the station renamed, but the Board of Estimate and Apportionment would not appropriate the money necessary to pay for the change.

At last, however, after many difficulties, a committee of the Alumni, of which Arthur M. Lamport was Chairman,. And Dean Robinson Secretary, obtained the concurrent consent of everybody concerned, namely, the Transit Commission and Interborough Company and the Alumni, and this committee raised sufficient fund; among the Alumni to pay for the improvement. They were also assisted financially by students of the Evening Session of the College.

Negotiation were completed, and Hon. Thomas W. Churchill, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, signed the contract with the Interborough Company for the erection of the tablets in the subway. Mr. George McAneny, now head of the Transit Commission, exerted his good influence to see that the work was pushed forward without delay.

-- contemporary New York newspaper, circa Dec. 1920.

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