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Office of Human Resources

Training and Development

Training and Development

Employee and organizational performance is of vital importance to Baruch College in providing exceptional educational opportunities to its diverse student body. The Office of Human Resources views training and development efforts as a key investment in human performance, yielding returns in increased staff and organizational performance potential. The task of the Training and Development area is to provide high quality performance enhancement services to meet employees' needs. We facilitate professional excellence, enhance organizational effectiveness, and contribute to the current and future success of the Baruch College community.

Employees may take advantage of the following training programs offered through the Department of Human Resources.

Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS)

The Baruch College Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) department offers a wide variety of courses and certificate programs. For more information, go to To register for a course, complete the CAPS Tuition Waiver Form. Please submit the completed form to your Department Head for approval.

CUNY Tuition Fee Waiver

Baruch College employees are encouraged to take advantage of the CUNY tuition waiver program. CUNY employees are eligible for tuition waivers for undergraduate and graduate courses at any college of The City University of New York on a space available basis.

CUNY Tuition Fee Waiver

Employees requesting tuition waivers for any CUNY college must submit a CUNY Employee Tuition Fee Waiver Form, signed by the employee’s Director of Human Resources (or designee). More information can be found on the CUNY Tuition & Fee Manual.

Learning Opportunities

Professional Development

The Professional Development and Learning Management (PDLM) office offers various professional development trainings to all CUNY employees. For more information and/or to register for a course, go to

Baruch/CUNY employees must register by completing the OHRM PDLM E-Application (E-App) which is located at under “How do I register.” E-App registrations must be completed, and authorized from their supervisors to attend, prior to being submitted to the Office of Human Resources for submission.

Successful applicants receive registration confirmation notices from three to five days (or earlier) before the start of the course. It is imperative that employees register for courses and not just “show up.”  PDLM reserves the right to ask unregistered/unauthorized attendees to return to their campuses. Please note that these courses are not open to RFCUNY employees.   

DCAS Citywide Training Center Courses

The Citywide Training Center (CTC) offers various learning and development opportunities to employees of all levels, within all City agencies. For more information, go to the NYC DCAS Citywide Training & Development home page.

Course Catalog
Course Schedule

CTC Application - Please submit completed applications to your supervisor for approval.

Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC)

Baruch Computing and Technology Center (BCTC) Instructional Guides

Compliance Training

Ethics Policies

Baruch College Workplace Violence Prevention Training

All CUNY employees are required by New York State law to complete workplace violence training every year. All staff will be notified once the online workplace violence training is available. Log on to CUNY Blackboard to complete the online Workplace Violence Prevention (WVP) Training course. The WVP Training link will appear in the My Organizations box as “Baruch College WVP 2018–2019.”

For more information, please go to Baruch’s Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

Employee Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Course (E-SPARC)

To complete the required online course, you will need to log on to CUNY Blackboard. The E-SPARC link will appear in the My Organizations box as “Baruch College E-SPARC 2018–2019.” In accordance with New York State law, CUNY has implemented the Employee Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Course (E-SPARC) University-wide to provide employees with annual training for the prevention, identification, and reporting of sexual harassment.

If you have questions about the course content or your registration for this course, contact Eubie Toro-Rodriguez.