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Office of Human Resources

Car Use Policy

September 01, 2009

TO: Baruch College Community
RE: Use of Campus Owned Vehicles


Baruch Employees:

The College does not provide chauffer service for employees. Employees are required to secure appropriate transportation for Baruch College business needs. Any costs associated with the employee’s transportation for Baruch College business needs may be reimbursed by the college after approval by the employee’s supervisor.

The campus President and Vice Presidents may request vehicles/drivers for college and university business. This service will only be provided as vehicles and/or approved Public Safety Drivers are available and at the discretion of the Fleet Safety Manager and Director of Public Safety. Baruch executives are encouraged to utilize other modes of transportation for college business, and obtain proper college approvals and reimbursement as stated above as for Baruch Employees.


If transportation services are required for non-university/college personnel because of Baruch College business needs, then utilization of private limo/chauffer services should be obtained. College reimbursements for private limo/chauffer services must be pre-approved by the division Dean or Vice President.

Baruch VIP Chauffer Requests:

 Baruch VIP’s are non-university/college personnel who are occasionally required to be on campus for executive level business purposes or to attend approved off-campus functions.  Departments who require chauffer services for a visiting VIP are encouraged to utilize the services of a professional limo/chauffer company as discussed above under the section titled “non-employees.” Transportation services for a VIP may be arranged through Baruch Public Safety using Baruch vehicles and approved Baruch Public Safety drivers, but these services must be pre-approved by the Vice President of Administration and Finance or his/her designee.  However, utilization of Baruch’s vehicles and drivers for VIP transportation is expected to be a rare occasion.

If clarification of this policy is required, please contact Baruch’s Fleet Manager and Director of Public Safety at 646-6010.


Approved August 9, 2007