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Office of Human Resources



Chancellor - Chief executive educational and administrative officer of the City University of New York (CUNY).

Vice Chancellor for Faculty and Staff Relations - The executive officer that oversees the development and implementation of the total employment program for CUNY's faculty and staff.

Provost - Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

ECP - Term used to refer to positions covered by the Executive Compensation Plan

HEO - Acronym used to denote the entire Higher Education Officer series, the professional administrative employees of the University, or an individual serving in the highest title in the series. The series includes the titles, in descending order, Higher Education Officer (HEO), Higher Education Associate (HEA), Higher Education Assistant (HEa), and Assistant to Higher Education Officer (aHEO).

Gittlesons - Clerical and administrative employees in the titles of CUNY Office Assistant and CUNY Administrative Assistant.

220 Titles - Skilled trades titles whose salaries and certain working conditions are governed by a determination of the New York City Comptroller.

University Director of Classification - The position in the Human Resources Management Services Office responsible for: (1) reviewing and approving the allocations of new or reclassified positions to established job titles; (2) assisting the colleges in conforming classification requests to University policy, Board Bylaws, collective bargaining agreements, and CUNY Civil Service Commission Rules; (3) conducting studies and formulating recommendations for amending the classification.

Functional Title - Specific position title required for positions in the HEO series, Business Manager series, and Administrative designations.

Payroll Title - Broad-banded title for most unclassified positions

AAO - Affirmative Action Officer


CFSA - Committee on Faculty, Staff and Administration; one of six Standing Committees of the Board of Trustees.

COPS - Council of Presidents, comprised of each collegiate unit's President, the Chancellor, and senior University staff as designated by the Chancellor. COPs serves to insure unified and cooperative leadership in the University.

COPOL - Council of Personnel Officers and Labor Designees serving to insure unified human resources and labor administration throughout the University.

(F)P & B - Faculty Personnel and Budget. The FP & B committee considers appointments, reappointments, promotion, and compensation with respect to the instructional staff and recommends actions on such matters to the president.

WVAT - Workplace Violence Advisory Team

Employment Classification and Related Terms

Career Series - Two or more titles ordered by increasing minimum pay, increasing responsibilities, or some other measure by which eligibility for successive higher titles is determined by promotional exam or by maturation.

Adjunct - Instructional person employed to teach part-time or perform related duties on a part-time basis.

Tenure - The right of a person to hold his position during good behavior and efficient and competent service and not to be removed therefrom except for cause.

PAF - Personnel Action Form, used by colleges to initiate personnel actions.

Max/Kahn Memorandum - A memorandum written in 1958 by Mrs. Pearl Max and Mr. Arthur Kahn that sets forth University procedures on appointment and tenure.

13.3.b - The section number of the provision in the PSC/CUNY collective bargaining agreement that denotes a reappointment upon which HEOs are no longer subject to annual reappointment (Certificate of Continual Administrative Service). This usually occurs eight years after the initial appointment.

Article 15.2 Waivers - Adjunct instructional staff workload waiver is required when it is necessary to have an adjunct teach contact hours beyond the limits set forth in Article 15.2 of the collective bargaining agreement with the Professional Staff Congress.

Position Classification - The process by which a position is assigned to an appropriate title based on the duties of the position and or the qualifications and specifications established.

Reclassification - The movement of a position from one title to another title in order to rectify a prior classification error or because of a permanent and material change of the duties of that position.

CCE - Certificate of Continuous Employment, given to lecturers after five consecutive full years of service, after which the lecturer is no longer subject to annual reappointment. The certificate is valid only in the college or Educational Opportunity Center that grants the certificate.

Probable Permanent - A classified staff appointee serving a probationary term prior to attaining permanent status.

Provisional - an employee appointed to a competitive class, classified position on a non-permanent, interim basis. Provisional appointments are typically made when there is no eligible list containing the names of at least three eligibles willing to accept an appointment.

Probationary Period - An initial working test period of employment; typically one year, for classified employees.

Classified Service - A division of the workforce determined by Civil Service Law and subject to CUNY Civil Service Regulations.

Unclassified Staff - CUNY's teaching and non-teaching instructional staff.

Classification - A group of positions whose assigned duties and responsibilities are sufficiently alike to warrant assigning the same classification title and requiring the same qualifications.

Bargaining Units, Related Terms

CBA - Collective Bargaining Agreement

DC37 - District Council 37, the unit of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFL-CIO) that represents most of the University's classified staff.

PSC - The Professional Staff Congress, the union that represents CUNY faculty and other instructional staff employees.

IATSE - International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees

IBT - International Brotherhood of Teamsters

IUOE - International Union of Operating Engineers

NYSNA - New York State Nurses Association, union that represents RNs

STM - Steamfitters

UCBJA - United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America

UAP - United Association of Plumbers

IBEW - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

0IBPD - International Brotherhood of Painters and Decorators

SEUI - Service Employees International Union

White Collar Unit - This unit contains the largest groups of full-time and part-time classified staff employees.

Blue Collar Unit - Unit comprised of employees in the title of Custodial Assistant, Campus Peace Officers and titles in the Maintenance and Stores-Stock series as well as the Custodial Supervisors series. The unit also includes a variety of skilled trades.

Offices, Departments, Colleges (short names)

OFSR - Office of Faculty and Staff Relations. Under the direction of the Vice Chancellor, this office is responsible for the University's human resources functions for its instructional and classified staff.

HRMS - Human Resources Management Services is responsible for the classified and unclassified personnel management systems. This unit administers civil service examinations, classifies positions, determines salary parameters, develops human resources policies, and maintains currency of the University's Personnel Rules and Regulations.

Senior College - A four-year college, upper division college, or the University graduate division.

Bernard M. Baruch, Brooklyn College, The City College of New York, College of Staten Island, Hunter College, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Lehman College, Medgar Evers College, New York City College of Technology, Queens College, York College, Graduate Center, CUNY School of Law

Community College - A two-year college offering associate degrees

Borough of Manhattan Community College, Bronx Community College, Hostos Community College, Kingsborough Community College, LaGuardia Community College, Queensborough Community College

B & G - Buildings and Grounds

BMCC - Borough of Manhattan Community College

LGCC - LaGuardia Community College

QBCC - Queensborough Community College

KBCC - Kingsborough Community College

CCNY, "City" - City College

CSI - College of Staten Island

NYCCT - New York City College of Technology

UTD - University Training and Development

OLR - Office of Labor Relations

Health and Welfare Benefits, Related Terms

ORP - Optional Retirement Program available to instructional staff provided through the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF).

NYCERS - New York City Employees Retirement System, a defined benefit pension plan for classified staff.

NYCTRS - New York City Teacher's Retirement System

NYCHBP - New York City Health Benefits Program

Travia Leave - Retirement leave with full pay for instructional staff, based upon one-half of accrued sick leave and usually equal to one semester.

SLOAC - Special Leave of Absence Coverage that entitles employees (approved for leave) to a maximum of four months of benefits coverage in a 12-month period during unpaid leave resulting from a disability or serious illness of the employee.

SL - Sick leave

AL - Annual leave

WC - Workers' Compensation

UI - Unemployment Insurance

Sabbatical Leave - Leave granted to any member of the permanent instructional staff or a full-time lecturer after six years of full-time service for the purposes of study and research, including travel or creative work in literature or the arts.

Leave for Temporary Disability - Leave granted to members of the instructional staff for any temporary physical or mental incapacity of health including pregnancy and childbirth and shall be deemed to include sick leave and maternity leave.

Miscellaneuos Terms

PPB - Personnel Policy Bulletin. A document issued to clarify and supplement Personnel Rules and Regulations. PPBs revise or announce specific policies and are considered to be "in force" until they are replaced.

Interpretive Memo - Document issued which provides interpretation of policy and or personnel regulations.

Interpretive Agreement - An agreement between the University and any one of its collective bargaining units representing classified staff that amends personnel policy and or regulation.

FLSA - Fair Labor Standards Act. Federal legislation that establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping and child labor standards affecting workers in all employment sectors.

DCAS - Department of Citywide Administrative Services formerly New York City Department of Personnel

CTC - Citywide Training Center. Central source of training within New York City government and City agencies for training and staff development.

Chancellor's/University Reports (CE/UR) - Monthly reports prepared by the colleges and submitted to the Chancellor, who then forwards them to the Board of Trustees. They contain personnel, academic, fiscal and student matters that require Board approval.

SUNY - State University of New York

RF - Research Foundation . The RF is a private, not for profit, educational corporation engaged in post-award administration of private and government-sponsored programs at CUNY. The RF is governed by its own Board of Directors.

Errata - Refers to changes to the Chancellor's and University Reports, proposed by the Central Office Screening Committee, that pertains to matters that would be improper for the Board to approve in its current form.

Addendum - A separate section of the University/Chancellor's Reports containing items which were unable to be included in the Reports at the time that they were submitted but cannot wait for future Board action. All addenda items must be requested by the President and must receive the specific approval of the Deputy Chancellor.

Board of Trustees - The governing and administrative body of the City University of New York. The Chancellor is appointed by and reports to the Board.

Recruitment, Selection

NOE - Notice of Examination

ExamsXpress - Online examinations for selected vacancies.

PVN - Personnel Vacancy Notice is the public announcement made by a college for the recruitment to fill a position in an approved classification.

RRI - Recruitment/Retention Initiative, a limited opportunity to exceed the maximum salary to recruit or retain faculty and HEOs in hard-to-staff disciplines.

Applicant Pool - A group of eligible applicants.

Hiring Pool - An event whereby a group of qualified candidates for classified positions are brought together with HR hiring personnel, in one location, to interview for vacant positions.

Accounting, Payroll and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

PMS -Payroll Management System of New York City, used in the community colleges.

PaySR - the state payroll system that is used in the senior colleges.

CUPS - The City University Personnel System; the University's computerized personnel records system.

OTPS - Other Than Personal Services (used for accounting purposes)

GSA - General Services Administration (used for accounting purposes

UAO - University Accounting Office

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning System is a multi-module application software that provides a common, consistent system to capture data organization wide with minimum redundancy. It integrates the information across functions and monitors the various functions and processes. At CUNY, ERP will eventually replace CUPS as well as systems in the Student Administration and Finance areas.

Data Warehouse - a repository of data from several HR sources including, CUPS, payroll systems, and other sundry data files.

Tax Levy - Refers to funds raised through New York City and State taxes allocated to CUNY