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General Education Requirements

Pathways at Baruch: The Flexible Core

Part II, the Flexible Core, is made up of six courses, which must be taken in five different areas. In fulfilling the six-course requirement, students may not take more than one course from any one department, discipline, or interdisciplinary field.

Please note that some departments offer courses in more than area:

   - ANT and SOC courses are offered by the Department of Sociology and Anthropology;
   - ART, MSC, and THE courses are offered by the Department of Fine and Performing Arts;
   - BLS and LTS (formerly HSP) courses are offered by the Department of Black and Latino Studies;
   - BIO, ENV, CHM, and PHY courses are offered by the Department of Natural Science; and
   - within the Pathways flexible core, POL and PAF (formerly PUB) are considered to be a single field.

Therefore, the sixth course may be taken from World Cultures and Global Issues, U.S. Experience in its Diversity, or The Individual and Society -- and not from Creative Expression or Scientific World, each of which consists of courses from a single department.

The learning goals or outcomes of each area within the Flexible Core are listed here.

At Baruch, the courses that satisfy the Flexible Core are:

World Cultures and Global Issues (at least one course required)

ANT 1001 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
HIS 1001 Themes in Global History to 1500 C.E.
HIS 1003 Themes in Global History Since 1500 C.E.
LTS 1003 Latin America: An Institutional and Cultural Survey
POL 2001 United States in an Age of Globalization
POL 2260 Introduction to Comparative Government


U.S. Experience in its Diversity (at least one course required)

BLS 1003 Evolution and Expressions of Racism
HIS 1000 Themes in American History
HIS 1005 Modern American History
PAF 1250 Citizenship and Public Affairs
POL 1101 American Government: Practices and Values
POL 2332 American Political Thought

Creative Expression (one course required)

ART 1000 Introduction to Design and Visual Communications
ART 1011 Art History Survey I
ART 1012 Art History Survey II
MSC 1003 Music and Civilization
MSC 1005 Principles of Music
THE 1041 Introduction to the Theatre Arts


The Individual and Society (at least one course required)

PHI 1500 Major Issues in Philosophy
PHI 1600 Logic and Moral Reason
PHI 1700 Global Ethics
SOC 1005 Introduction to Sociology


Scientific World (one course required)

BIO 1011L Fundamentals of Biology: Human Biology Lecture
(co-requisite with BIO 1012 in the Required Core )
BIO 1015L

Fundamentals of Biology: Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology Lecture
(co-requisite with BIO 1016 in the Required Core)

CHM 1003L Fundamentals of Chemistry
(co-requisite with CHM 1004 in the Required Core)
ENV 1003L Fundamentals of Ecology
(co-requisite with ENV 1004 in the Required Core)
PHY 2002L Fundamentals of Physics: Theory and Practice
(co-requisite with PHY 2001 in the Required Core)

Students who wish to pursue a major or minor in the Natural Sciences should complete one of the following STEM Variant courses to satisfy the Scientific World requirement. Students may not use the same course to satisfy both the Scientific World and Life and Physical Sciences requirements.

BIO 2010 Principles of Biology I
CHM 2003 General Chemistry I
PHY 2003 General Physics I
PHY 3010 Quantitative Physics I