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General Education Requirements

Pathways at Baruch

Beginning in Fall 2013, all CUNY colleges will have a uniform set of general education requirements known as CUNY Pathways. Although the courses that can be used to fulfill these requirements will differ from college to college, the basic set of requirements will be the same throughout the CUNY system, and with few exceptions any requirement that a student fulfills at one college will be considered fulfilled at any other college to which he or she transfers.

Students who enter Baruch in Fall 2013 will have to complete Pathways at Baruch to obtain a degree. Beginning in July 2013, continuing students will have the choice either to opt-in to the Pathways requirements or to complete the set of general education requirements that is currently in place at the college (the Baruch Common Core).

There are three parts to the Pathways requirements:

  1. Required Core
  2. Flexible Core
  3. College Option


Student Rights and Responsibilities under Pathways