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General Education Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions about the Baruch Common Core

Q: Does General Education apply to me? I’m getting a BBA.
A: Yes, all undergraduates, whether they pursue a degree in the Zicklin School of Business, the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, or the School of Public Affairs, are required to complete the Common Core Curriculum.

Q: What’s the relationship between General Education and the Common Core Curriculum?
A: Both of these terms refer to the group of courses required of all Baruch undergraduates. “General Education” is the name given to the experience of these courses as a whole. The “Common Core Curriculum” is the specific set of requirements that make up General Education. Gen Ed courses ensure that our graduates enter the workplace and the world with excellent communication, quantitative, and critical thinking skills; civic, ethical, cross-cultural, and aesthetic awareness; as well as basic skills in technology and information literacy.

Q: What are the three “tiers”?
A: Each course within the common core belongs to one of three “tiers”: Tier I emphasizes communication and quantitative skills; Tier II provides an introduction to the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences; and Tier III is the liberal arts minor.

Q: Does the Common Core Curriculum include all of the required classes that I’ll need to take?
A: No. These pages do not list all degree requirements. There are additional requirements that vary among the College’s three schools. See Undergraduate Bulletin 2010–2013 for details.

Q: When do I need to speak with an adviser about enrolling in Common Core Curriculum courses?
A: All incoming students have an opportunity to discuss core curriculum requirements during their on campus orientation. Freshmen will learn more about these requirements during their first semester at Baruch in their Freshman Seminar course. Transfer students should contact the Center for Academic Advisement (NVC 5-215; 646-312-4260).

Q: When do I sign up for my chosen Tier III minor?
A: You indicate your Tier III minor at the same time that you choose a major, using the Eligibility Review for Your Major—Online Application ( This application may be completed once you have earned at least 45 credits.

Q: Whom can I contact to discuss my questions about General Education and the Common Core Curriculum?
A: The Center for Academic Advisement (NVC 5-215; 646-312-4260).