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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Honoraria and Travel Reimbursement

Last updated on 5/1/15

When available, reimbursement for academic travel is administrated by the individual Schools.Each School has procedures for reimbursement that faculty members should consult before traveling.Chairs and dean’s offices are the best source for this information. But be sure to see references below for NYS guidelines:

Official New York State Business & Travel Guidelines

You can find the NYS business and professional travel guidelines at

In addition, you can secure a copy of the "Summary of Travel Voucher Requirements," by calling the Controller's Office at 646 660-6560.

These comprehensive business and professional travel guidelines provide all the
details that are required to be sure that your expenditure, including travel
expenditures, will be paid and/or reimbursed by Baruch College.

It is very important to point out what the accurate Baruch College interpretation of the term "GUIDELINES" is for audit purposes. NYS Guidelines should be considered "SAFE HAVENS"; meaning, that if your expenditure is properly documented consistent with the Guidelines, including meeting the authorization and documentation requirements then you can be assured that the expenditure will be paid or reimbursed. If the expenditure does not fall within the Guidelines, then that expenditure will automatically require additional justification in the form of additional documentation stating the reason why the expenditure did not meet the Guidelines and why such expenditure is justified.

Example 1
A person travels to a conference in another city, beyond 100 miles from home
or Baruch College. The conference begins with an 8:00 AM registration and 9:00 program. Thus, this person goes the night before and stays over night at the conference hotel. This would be justified with proper documentation.

Keep in mind that the Guidelines clearly state that a person can not stay overnight at a
conference or meeting unless such conference or meeting is beyond 35 miles of
both his/her home or Baruch College. In the event that either location is less than 35
miles, payment or reimbursement is outside of the Guidelines. Only in extraordinary
circumstances with additional written justification, will any reimbursement be
considered for payment of the applicable lodging and meals.

Example 2
A person decides to take an Acela Express Train to Washington DC merely to
enjoy the experience. This would not be justified, and this travel reimbursement
would be paid at the coach fare rate for the same trip.

We use Map Quest to compare such mileage distances. As previously noted, the personal mileage rate was changed by the IRS from $.575 to $.58 per mile for the year 2015.

Per Diem Reimbursement Rates
The NYS website ( ) also provides per diem reimbursement rates by major city in the US.

Prior Approval Requirement / Conflict of Interest
To receive honoraria and reimbursement for travel expenses from outside sources, full-time faculty are required to obtain prior approval from the President. Forms are available from the office of the Dean of Faculty and Staff Relations, John R. Dugan Jr. (Vertical Campus, Room 4-226; 646-312-3320). However, any such activities in connection with work in a faculty member’s academic discipline are exempt from this prior approval requirement. Honoraria and travel reimbursement may not be received from individuals or organizations that would place the recipient in conflict of interest; that is, for example, from a person or organization that negotiates with, does business with, or has contracts with the University.