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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Speaking (Student)

Last updated on1/13/09

Students who enter Baruch College as freshmen complete one basic course in public speaking (COM 1010) by their junior year. (Transfer students have similar requirements.) In addition, over the course of their careers at the college, undergraduates will encounter CIC (communication-intensive) courses, which combine general subject matter with an emphasis on communication (writing, speaking, and/or electronic communication).

With employers consistently ranking oral communication skills highest among skills desired of college graduates, all faculty are encouraged to incorporate oral communication opportunities into their classroom. Activities and assignments may include oral presentations, discussions, debates, etc. For further assistance, faculty may direct students to the following resources:

Guidelines for Public Speaking

Guidelines for Public Speaking (pdf) offers a refresher of effective public speaking techniques. Topics include tips on researching a topic, choosing the best organizational pattern, employing effective nonverbal and verbal behavior, using audiovisual support, and battling communication anxiety.

Effective Use of PowerPoint: Online Tutorial

An interactive tutorial on the effective design and delivery of presentation graphics (such as PowerPoint) and is available at

The tutorial offers choices between slide pairs and video clips of “good” and “bad” slide design and delivery, followed by guidelines on effective use of presentation graphics. Also included are tips on creating a speech outline, pros and cons of presentation graphics, and additional resources. The tutorial uses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as a sample speech topic; a brief UDHR quiz is also included.

Tutorials for Undergraduate Students

SACC (Student Academic Consulting Center) provides professional tutoring in oral communication on a scheduled basis. Topics include presentation skills (native and nonnative speakers), articulation (native speakers), and accent reduction (nonnative speakers). For further information on SACC see

Location: Vertical Campus, Room 2-116. Telephone: 646-312-4830

Tutorials for International Students

International graduate students can receive help with English through the John R. F. Tietsort Endowment. Administered through the Communication Studies Department, the endowment focuses on accent reduction but can also provide writing tutorials. Trained adjunct faculty meet students in scheduled appointments for sessions. Students can schedule appointments by contacting Prof. Elisabeth Gareis via phone (646-312-3731) or e-mail:


The Speech/ESL Lab is located in Room VC 6-121 (enter through 6-120). The lab features software programs and videos on a variety of oral communication issues (including, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary development, and public speaking). For more information, please see: