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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Multiple Position Reports

Last updated on 11/10/06

The Statement of Policy on Multiple Positions of the Board of Trustees of CUNY indicates that: "Each full-time faculty member is obligated to view his/her appointment to a college or university faculty position within The City University as his/her major professional commitment" and that: "Full-time appointment to a college or university faculty position is a full-time assignment." In addition, the New York State Ethics in Government Act requires an annual statement of financial disclosure from state employees such as full-time faculty at CUNY senior colleges.

All full-time members of the faculty are required to file a Multiple Position Report each semester to comply with the provisions of the Statement and the Act. Each semester, faculty members receive a copy of the reporting form along with a full set of instructions. "The form requires full disclosure of all compensated activities beyond... regular full-time assignment, as well as any grant-funded or uncompensated commitments." It does not require that you report "incidental uncompensated activities related to... membership in political, religious, social, or cultural organizations, provided such activities do not constitute a significant commitment of your time."

The reporting form should be promptly filled out each semester and returned to the Department Chair. It will be reviewed by the Department Executive Committee, the Chair, and the School Dean.

This policy does not bar all outside employment or work as a consultant, but it does provide guidelines for such work and it specifies the need for approvals. Questions regarding the policy may be addressed to Chairs or to John R. Dugan Jr., Dean of Faculty and Staff Relations (646-312-3320).

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