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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Mentoring of New Faculty

Last updated on 3/6/15

Each of the three schools follows its own model for mentoring faculty:

Each junior faculty member chooses (or, in absence of a stated preference, is assigned) a senior faculty mentor (or two) with research interests as close to those of the junior member as possible. Together, the mentor and mentee draw up a detailed research and publication plan. Mentors are available to comment on article/book drafts, connect junior faculty with significant persons in their field (e.g., editors, leaders of research teams, etc.), and to answer questions about local practices (e.g., P&B, contract, research support, etc.) as well.

For information on mentoring, please contact David S. Birdsell, MSPIA Dean: 646 660-6700 or

Each new faculty member is assigned a mentor who is a tenured member of the faculty in a different department. As the new faculty member moves towards tenure, s/he meets with the mentor to discuss a wide range of issues, including -- but not limited to -- the reappointment and tenure process. The meetings can provide a perspective other than that of his/her Chair to the new faculty member and a sympathetic ear for matters that might be delicate within the home department. For the mentor they provide an opportunity to get to know an interesting new member of the Baruch community.

For information on mentoring, please contact the Office of the WSAS Dean: 646-312-3870.

The Zicklin School is currently re-examining its approach to mentoring. For information on mentoring in ZSB, please contact Associate Dean Fenwick Huss at 646-312-3030 or