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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook


Last updated on 1/29/2015

Baruch College offers a wide-variety of internship possibilities to both undergraduates and graduate students. Internships are short-term employment opportunities (paid or unpaid, for academic credit or not) that allow students to combine classroom learning with hands-on work experience. Internships may lead to long-term employment, either at the company/organization where the internship takes place or through connections developed there.

See the Internship Faculty Discussion Group in Blackboard, for an interactive discussion forum for faculty and staff involved in the teaching and administration of internship courses and programs.

Many undergraduate internships are administrated through the Career Development Center (Vertical Campus; Room 2-150; 646-312-4670), but some are administered by academic departments. Questions about internships are addressed at the Career Development Center, which is reached from the Baruch homepage by following the link under "Student Life," or by going directly to:

Contacts/Coordinators for Undergraduate Internships
CDC Internship Coordinator: Michael Kalish
Location: Vertical Campus, Room 2-160
Contact: 646-312-4682 or

Students interested in obtaining credit for an internship, or who would like to take an "Internship course" must speak to the contact person in the appropriate department listed below:

ACC 5100/5200 Accounting Internship

Stan Ross Department of Accountancy

Contact: Professor Joseph B. Weintrop, 646 312 3092, Room VC 12-263

Hours: ACC 5100 -1 hour, 1 credit / ACC 5200 - 3 hours, 3 credits, visit

Prerequisite: Junior Status

ART 5010-5011 Graphic Communication Internship

Department of Fine And Performing Arts

Contact: Professor Terry Berkowitz, 646 312 4059, VC 07-227, email

Hours: 8-14 hours, 3 credits, visit

Prerequisite: ART 2050, 3050, 3058, and Permission of the Internship Coordinator

BUS 3001-3003 Business Internship

Zicklin School of Business

Contact the professor in the specific department who is listed on this sheet for information.

Prerequisite: Open to Juniors and Seniors in good standing with the Zicklin School of Business. For Marketing majors, this class is open only to Juniors; Seniors should take Marketing 5100.

CIS 5900 (4680) Computer Information Systems Internship

Department of Statistics And Computer Information Systems

Contact: Professor Pai Chun Ma, 646 312 3369, Room VC 11-243

Hours: 3 hours, 3 credits

Prerequisite: Departmental Permission; priority will be given to graduating Seniors. More details can be found at

COM 5010 Internship In Business & Public Communication

Department of Communication Studies

Contact: Professor Jana O'Keefe Bazzoni, 646 312 3728, Room VC 08-244

Hours: A minimum of 10 hours plus periodic conferences with internship coordinator, 3 Credits, Visit

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: Departmental permission given to upper level Corporate Communication majors only; eligible students will have completed at least two of the required COM courses and one of the electives in the major, and the pre-requisite MGT and MKT courses.

ECO 5010-5011 Training Program I & II

FIN 5610-5611 Training Program I & II

Department of Economics and Finance

Contact: Professor Ciel Long, 646 312 3545, Room VC 10-271

Hours: 1 class hour, 20 work hours, 3 credits each
Prerequisite: Departmental Permission and Senior Status

ENG 5050-5051 Media Internship

Department of English

Contact: Professor Eugene Marlow, 646 312 3924, Room VC 07-258

Hours: 8-10 hours, 3 credits

Prerequisite: ENG 2150 & 3050 (2550)

FPA 5070-5071 Arts Administration Internship

Department of Fine And Performing Arts

Contact: Professor Andrew Tomasello, 646 312 4064, Room VC 07-217
Hours: 10 hours, 3 credits, visit

Prerequisite: Departmental Permission

MGT 5110 Management Internship

Department of Management

Contact: Professor Moshe Banai, 646 312 3631, Room VC 09-239

Hours: 3 hours, 3 credits

Prerequisite: 9 credits in MGMT beyond MGT 3120 & MGT 3121, & Departmental Permission

MKT 5100 Marketing Internship

Department of Marketing

Contact: Professor Clifford Wymbs, 646 312 3299, Room VC 12-284,

Hours: 3 hours, 3 credits

Prerequisite: Senior Status and Departmental Permission

MSC 5050/5051 Internship in Music Management

Department of Fine And Performing Arts

Contact: Professor Andrew Tomasello, 646 312-4064, Room VC 07-219

Hours: 10 hours, 3 credits, visit

Prerequisite: Departmental Permission

POL 5452 Field Work in Government

Department of Political Science

Contact: Professor Susan Tenenbaum, 646 312 4420, Room VC 05-283

Hours: 3 credits students can take the course up to two times (varying the internship) for a total of 6 credits.

Prerequisite: Open to Sophomores, Juniors, or Seniors in good standing

PSY 4035-4036 Practicum in Community Psychological Services

Department of Psychology

Contact: Professor Harvey Barocas, 646 312 3814, Room VC 08-275

Hours: 1 seminar hour; 4 field hours; 3 credits
Prerequisite: PSY 1001, 6 additional credits in psychology, and permission of the psychology field work coordinator prior to registration

SOC 3185 Internship in Human Service and Community Organizations

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Contact: Prof. Susan M. Chambr, 646-312-4471 or email: Room VC 4-265.

Hours: 1 seminar hour; 4 work hours/week; 3 credits.

Prerequisites : SOC 1005 or ANTH 1001 or ENG 2150

School of Public Affairs

For internships regarding the School of Public Affairs, please contact Jennifer Harrington, 646 660-6757


SPA: Many internships are offered through the School of Public Affairs. Contact Elyse Mendel at 646 660-6754 for further information (135 East 22nd Street).

WSAS: See Graduate Programs for individual program and directors. They can provide information on internships.

ZSB: A wide variety of internships is offered through the Zicklin School. Four course numbers are available for receiving credit for internships: BUS 9800, 9801, 9802, and 9803.