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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

The Baruch College Faculty Senate

Last updated on 6/8/06

As described in its bylaws, the Baruch College Faculty Senate “represents the General Faculty in areas of faculty responsibility, interest and concern.” The Senate may “formulate and recommend policies” to the Administration or other bodies of the College, “review and comment” on policies proposed by the Administration or other bodies of the College, and “provide a channel of communication” among faculty, the Administration and student organizations of the College. (see new website links below)

Senators are elected from members of the General Faculty in four categories (department chairs, representatives from the eight largest departments, members at large from the General Faculty, and members at-large from the Adjunct Faculty.

The Senate’s Executive Committee consists of the Chair, three Vice Chairs, a Secretary, and five At-Large Members. The members elected to serve on the Executive Committee for the 2004 - 06 term are:

Terrence Martell - Chair
Eugenia (Tracy) Bragen - Vice Chair for Educational Policy
Cynthia Whittaker - Vice Chair for Academic Freedom & Responsibility
Robert Myers - Vice Chair for Finance & Planning
Trudy Milburn- Secretary

Wayne Finke - At-large Member
Robert Freedman - At-large Member
Andy Grein - At-large Member

Gayana Jurkevich - At-large Member
Ashok Vora - At-large Member

The Senate Executive Committee meets eight times a year to plan the agenda of the Plenary Sessions, review committee reports, and discuss issues relevant to Senate’s mission.

Plenary sessions of the Senate are scheduled for the first Thursday of every month (except January) during the academic year, Room VC 14-250. Senators are joined by other members of the General Faculty, members of the Baruch College Administration, and representatives from student organizations. The agenda usually consists of reports by the Senate’s Chair and Vice Chairs, and reports by senior members of the Administration, including the President and Vice Presidents of the College. The dates for plenary sessions in AY 2006-07 are:

Thursday, September 7
Thursday, October 5
Thursday, November 2
Thursday, February 1
Thursday, March 1
Thursday, April 5
Thursday, May 3
Thursday, May 10 (Elections)

New (Fall 2005) Faculty Senate Website:

Baruch College Chapter of PSC CUNY


For further information about the Baruch Faculty Senate, contact:

Professor Terrence Martell (Economics & Finance)
Telephone: 646-312-2075