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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Computing at Baruch

Last updated on 5/21/2009

For information on Blackboard and on technology in classrooms see Instructional Technology At Baruch College.

Technical Support Contacts

For troubleshooting the little problems and glitches that happen on faculty and adjunct computers and in computer labs your department technician (for those departments that have one) is your first line of defense and probably the most handy. These may be software or hardware problems.

If you have no immediate technical support, or if your technician cannot remedy a problem, each school has specialists available to help, as follows:

Austin W. Marxe School of Public and International Affairs:
(646) 660-6774

Weissman School of Arts & Sciences:
(646) 312-3886

Zicklin School of Business:
(646) 312-3050

BCTC Help Desk: 646-312-1010

For widespread problems (e.g., the entire office has no internet or email) call the BCTC(The Baruch Computing and Technology Center) Help Desk (646-312-1010). Such problems involve college networks and servers that are in the hands of BCTC. Also call the Help Desk about specific problems with accessing your Lotus email (e.g., logon is rejected). Finally, by all means call the Help Desk if—after following the instructions above—you are unable to reach someone to help you.

BCTC provides access to information and communication technologies for students, faculty, and staff throughout the Baruch community. Campus wide support of telephony, videoconferencing, computer networking communication systems, campus electronic mail, campus file servers, distance learning, and media services equipment distribution are included in the services of the BCTC.

From any web browser, you may view the current status of systems or networks at

Creating Email Accounts:
All Baruch College students, faculty, and staff may apply online for a Baruch College e-mail account.
* Note: You must obtain a Baruch College CUNYCard ID prior to applying for an e-mail account.

To check your faculty or staff e-mail with a web browser, go to Faculty & Staff Email and enter your user name (i.e. Bernard Baruch) and your internet password.

Click on the following link to view information on e-mail accounts and configuring other e-mail software packages.

For email addresses (as well as office addresses and telephone numbers) visit our online directory.

Other Accounts:
Contact your school’s Technology staff for Local Area Network (LAN) accounts. The college does not support UNIX or mainframe accounts at this time.

Computer Lab
Baruch Computing & Technology Center
151 East 25th Street, 6th floor
New York, NY 10010

For general information please call:
(646) 312-1103 or 1102

See software applications currently available at the BCTC Labs