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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Faculty Wine Tasting Club

This page last updated on 4/29/11

The impact of the college's new alcohol policy, new as of February 2012, will have an impact on the continued existence of this club. As of spring 2012, activities have been suspended, pending further notice.

The Faculty Wine Tasting Club was founded in Fall 2004. Open to all members of the faculty and staff, the club meets two or three times per semester to enjoy a variety of wines and to foster genial social interaction across the boundaries of school. These are usually informal, but in the last couple of years we have moved to include at least a couple of tastings in which we are guided by a professional.

At the beginning of the academic year a mailing to the entire Baruch faculty invites those who are interested to forward their names for inclusion in the list that will be notified of upcoming gatherings. Everyone who attends pays a fee (usually $20-30) that covers the cost of the wines for that evening and some snacks.

The club is run by an informal "executive committee." Currently the committee comprises Ali Nematollahy, Gayana Jurkevich, Karl Lang, Dennis Slavin, and Ana Valenzuela.

Anyone who would like to add his/her name to our mailing list should communicate this by email to

Wine Tasting Club Events


Fall 2004
- October 6: at i Trulli Oenoteca
- November 22: Beaujolais tasting
- December 13: Tenuta di Arceno (Super-Tuscan)
- December 20: BYOB ($20 or less)

Spring 2005
- February 16: Wines from Campania
- March 18: Ports
- April 4: Sakes (led by Kazu Yamazaki)
- May 9: West Coast pinot noirs
- Late May: Belgian beers (at La Petite Abeille)
- June 22: Wines of New Zealand
- July 21: Rosé tasting


Fall 2005
- October 25: Riesling tasting (led by Esther Lok)
- November 21: Beaujolais encore
- December 20: BYOB  

Spring 2006
- February 22: Wines of the Loire Valley

Fall 2006
- September 13: Wines of Greece
- November: Beaujolais 
- December 18: BYOB


Spring 2007
- February 22: Whiskey tasting
- March 28: Wines of Austria
- May 10: Wines of Alsace
- August 9: Rosé Redux  

Fall 2007
- October 1: Wines of Spain


Spring 2008
- March 17: Tasting at Moore Bros.  
- April 9: Kosher wines (led by Aaron Ritter)
- May 15: Old World/New World wines (led by Jamal Rayyis)

Fall 2008  
- November 13: Wines of Spain (led by Jamal Rayyis)

Spring 2009
- February 19: Southern Italian wines (led by Tasos Sengos)
- May 13: Wines from Argentina and Chile (led by Jamal Rayyis)


Fall 2009
- November 10: Wines from Languedoc-Roussillon and Provence (led by Jamal Rayyis)

Fall 2010
- November 15:  The Art of Cocktail Mixing (led by Hamid Rashidzada and Greg Seider of The Summit Bar)
- November 29:  Wines from the Other France, Languedoc-Roussillon (led by Keith Beavers, Alphabet

City Wine Company)

Spring 2011
- February 23: Wines from Argentina, France, and Spain (led by Elliot Burgess, Quantum Selections)
- April 4: "Double Blind" Tasting (led by Jamal Rayyis)
- April 28: Wines from France and Italy (brought to us by David Krell and Royal Wine Merchants)