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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Student Evaluation of Faculty and Courses

Last updated on 12/2/05




December 15, 2003


To:      Baruch Faculty


From:  David Potash for the Joint Committee for the Student Evaluation of Faculty & Courses


Re:       Revising the current student evaluation instrument


A system providing students with the opportunity to evaluate their faculty and courses can only be effective if we are clear about its goals.   A college-wide committee, containing faculty, administrators and students, is currently looking at ways to improve our student evaluation instrument, which was created more than thirty years ago.   The committee has decided that the most important goals for the development of a new instrument at Baruch include:

  • To furnish information for assessing course content and presentation
  • To provide data that may be used in support of a faculty member's development, as well as considerations for promotion, tenure, salary increments, or other forms of recognition
  • To provide the student body with a voice in developing and maintaining an effective faculty and curriculum
  • To gauge student engagement


We have also decided that secondary goals for the development of a new instrument might include:

  • To provide information to assist in making a more effective course
  • To provide data that may assist in making curricular decisions.
  • To assist with student course choice and decision-making.


The committee anticipates that a new instrument will be approximately the same length as the current form.   It will look at the teacher and the course, and it will be accompanied by guidelines for use.   The guidelines will emphasize that the instrument is not, nor should it be, the only measure of a teacher's effectiveness.


The committee welcomes your participation in the development of a new instrument.   Information about the committee and its work is available on Blackboard as an organization called the Student_Evaluation_Committee.   Also posted is information about the issue as well as sample instruments from other institutions.   We have given one presentation before the Faculty Senate, and we will look forward to other open meetings in the coming months.


The Committee would also be grateful for comments or suggestions, and we also want potential questions for the next instrument.   If you have a question you would like to see on the next form, please email it to:   


Thank you very much.


c. Altman, Chase, Dannenbring, Elliott, Freedman, Hill, Johnson, Vora