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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Chancellor's Letter on the CUNY Strategic Framework

This page last updated on 2/2/17

Members of the CUNY Community:

We begin a new academic term with much news, some very troubling and some heartening.

CUNY is a university of immigrants in a city of immigrants. That is a source of pride and strength. So I know you share my concern over the new administration's order limiting the free movement of students, immigrants and refugees from certain countries. As I wrote you earlier today, I believe this policy is contrary to the fundamental values of openness and inclusion that have made CUNYand our countryso successful for generations. And I reiterated CUNY's commitment to do everything it can within the law to support and protect our students, no matter their status.

While that difficult news necessarily had our attention over the weekend and continues to be a matter of urgent focus, there has been some extremely positive news recently about CUNY and its direction, which I want to share. I hope you saw the recent article in The New York Times about a path-breaking study that demonstrates the enormous impact of CUNY as a leading engine of mobility in this country. It was extremely gratifying to see such persuasive evidence for what we have long known not just how effective our university is at opening the door to middle class careers for lower-income New Yorkersbut the remarkable scale of this achievement. The article reaffirmed the importance of our mission and helped make more opinion leaders, public officials and the public aware of CUNY's vital role.

This attention is timely. The university is launching a new strategic framework,, which is focused on the goals and strategies that will further advance CUNY's historic mission in the knowledge economy. This plan is the result of broad consultation and considerable work, but we envision it as a living document and fully expect it can be improved. Your comments and suggestions are welcome and can be submitted on the website.

No institution has done more to provide opportunity to those who have the desire and talent to succeed, no matter where they begin in life, than The City University of New York. But there is much more that must be done. We must expand affordable access to more New Yorkers who would benefit from college, implement programs that promote timely completion and, in addition to our high quality instruction, provide experiential learning opportunities that lead to the best careers for our graduates. That's the essence of CUNY's new strategic framework: we seek to significantly increase opportunity for all New Yorkers.

How will we accomplish these ambitious plans? Certainly, in part, by making investments in faculty and student support. This will be possible only with increased public and private support as well as more cost-effective administration. Also, importantly, the strategic framework is called "Connected CUNY," because our success in the future depends on how well we collaborate across the university and with our many partners, including government, the public schools, other leading universities, philanthropies and the private sector.

I hope you share my excitement over this renewed vision for CUNY and join me in advancing our historic mission that continues to serve New York so well.



James B. Milliken


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