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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Baruch College/Rubin Museum of Art Project

Last updated on 8/31/2011

The Baruch College – Rubin Museum of Art Project is a unique collaboration devoted to the idea that the arts enrich one’s life and that the extraordinary cultural institutions that are found in New York City are assets for people from all walks of life and particularly to our students.  The Rubin Museum Project was created to provide Baruch students with an opportunity to explore who they are by introducing them to the unfamiliar, but amazing and beautiful arts and cultures of the people of the Himalayan region. The innovative exhibitions at the Rubin Museum introduce students to cross-cultural themes that explore ideas and issues related to seeking one’s place in the world. The Rubin Museum Project is designed to provide the opportunity and means to enable this exploration through arts integration, with the expressed purpose of helping students develop the leadership skills required to be successful in today’s evolving business, government, and nonprofit sectors. Of equal importance, it is also intended to help our students become successful and whole human beings. 

Through a generous gift from the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, the project, developed and under the leadership of Professor Stan Altman, is able to:

  • Offer all alumni, faculty, staff and students free admission into the museum.

Just show a Baruch ID (for alumni a valid Baruch alumni card) at the front desk.

  • Provide guide tours for faculty members who wish to bring their classes to the museum. 

Simply call the Museum’s Education Office to schedule a tour with a Museum tour guide. 

  • Provide an expert on the Himalayan region to work with faculty on introducing their students to the rich cultural, social, religious, economic, and historical significance of that part of the world.
  • Support a number of faculty to serve as Rubin Faculty Fellows working to integrate the arts into their courses. 

This includes taking their classes to the museum and working with the museum staff. As part of this program, support is provided to the Fellows to hire student research assistants (see Section of Rubin Faculty Fellows for more information).

  • Have the benefit of working with the knowledgable and dedicated staff of the museum’s Education Department.
  • Provide a venue for introducing all freshmen to the arts through visits to the museum, as part of the Freshmen Seminar experience. 

Prepared materials, guidebooks (see, lecture series and panel discussions.

The Rubin Museum of Art, co-founded in October 2004 by Shelley and Donald Rubin, is the first museum in the "West" devoted entirely to Himalayan art. The Rubins are committed to the preservation and dissemination of art as a vital tool for education, cultural understanding, and positive social change. The Museum has become home to a comprehensive collection of traditional and contemporary art from the Himalayas and surrounding regions. It is located at 150 West 17 Street, NYC 10011 (entrance is just east of 7th Avenue). You may also visit the Rubin Museum’s website at

For more information contact Professor Stan Altman by email or telephone 646-660-6792 or visit The Rubin Museum Project’s webpage: