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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Joint Committee on Research

Last updated on 4/6/2018

Charge (from the bylaws of the General Faculty)

Article VII. Section 5 – Joint Committee on Research
This Committee is charged with supporting Faculty research.  It shall serve as advisory to the Grants Officer and other administrative officers of the College; it will articulate Faculty concerns regarding College-wide policy on research.  It shall consist of members of Faculty rank or status selected by the Faculties of the College in the following manner:  a) two members elected by the School faculty in those Schools with more than 150 full time-equivalent-faculty members; b) one member elected by the School Faculty in those Schools with fewer than 150 full-time-equivalent faculty members; c) two members at-large elected by the General Faculty; and, d) ex officio, the Grants Officer of the College.

Members 2017-2018

Lauren Block (Marketing) ZSB

Hector Cordero-Guzman MSPIA

Zolicia Abosti, ex officio

Jean Gaffney (Natural Science)WSAS

Naomi Gardberg (Management) ZSB

Stephanie Golob (Political Science) WSAS   

Aditya Jain (Management) ZSB

Robert Wagner (Law) ZSB



In Fall 2006, the Joint Committee circulated a survey about support for research at Baruch College.  Results of the Survey