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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Questions from Students

Last updated on 1/7/11

We often field questions from students that are not directly related to their work for our classes: how do I drop a course? how do I change a grade? how do I take an independent study?

Best, of course, is to familiarize ourselves with College policies. But when we don't know an answer, the staff of Baruch's Center for Academic Advisement generally will. It's located on the fifth floor of the VC (5-215). An efficient way for your students (or you) to answer many questions is through the Center's website, where the Questions link (at the bottom) goes to a page with further links under the following headings:

  • Top 10 Questions
  • College Resources
  • Final Exam Policies
  • Grades and Grading Policy
  • Honors
  • Registering for Courses
  • Special Exams, Course Waivers, and Credits
  • The Baruch Degree
  • Transfer Student Preliminary and Official Evaluation