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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Mission Statement of 1998

Last updated on 1/12/2003

From the Institutional Self Study Report of January 2000:

The 1998 Presidential Commission chose to extend the mission statement in several ways. This is the first mission document written for and during the College's organization into the present three Schools. Although generally consistent with the earlier document, the mission statement adopted in 1998 articulates in greater detail the College's commitment to excellence in its programs and its student body. It provides more specifics on Baruch's relationships to external constituencies and its pride in its cultural diversity. This revised statement reaffirms the role of the arts and sciences. It also places new emphasis on the importance of graduate programs, which are expected to account for an increasing proportion of College enrollments, as well as on the faculty research that will sustain and attract students to those programs. The full mission statement can be found in the 1998 Presidential Commission Report, Appendix 3, and is summarized as follows:

Baruch College, part of the largest public urban university system in the country, has a dual emphasis on undergraduate and graduate education. Baruch is distinguished in undergraduate education by a focus on professional educational degree programs integrated with the arts and sciences and by admissions standards which enroll students with the demonstrated ability and motivation to work diligently toward their academic goals. Baruch's graduate programs are designed in accordance with national standards for selective, nationally ranked graduate education. Baruch is noteworthy for the remarkable cultural diversity of its student body, for its commitment to teaching and to research, for its emphasis on communication skills, for its support for lifelong learning, and for its alertness to opportunities to match the College's activities with the needs of its constituencies.