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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Mission Statement of 1993

Last updated on 1/12/2003

In 1991 the first Presidential Commission was convene to create a five-year plan for Baruch College. In 1993, the opening statement of the "Planning Assumptions" of the Presidential Commission was adopted as the College's then current mission statement:

Baruch College is responsible for the education of a significant proportion of the diverse community that relies on The City University of New York to achieve its educational goals. Baruch's primary mission is to educate students for effective leadership in a global political, social, and economic community, principally through programs in business and administrative disciplines, but also in the arts and sciences and in education. Baruch's mission requires the integration of exemplary, comprehensive programs in business and administrative disciplines with a broad range of courses, from introductory to advanced, in the humanities and the natural and social sciences. Baruch's mission also requires that it emphasize the importance of both its undergraduate and graduate programs and that its faculty be in the vanguard of scholarship and applied research. In all its facets, the College is committed to incorporating principles of leadership, social responsibility, modern technology, and a global perspective into its programs. The largest collegiate business school in the country, offering CUNY's only BBA and MBA programs, Baruch ranks nationally among the best business schools for quality and cost. This is a distinguished record which has extended CUNY's mission to areas directly connected with the economic welfare of the metropolitan region, and there was never a time when the mission of Baruch was more important to CUNY and to New York.