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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Eugene M. Lang Junior Faculty Research Program

Last updated on 1/15/2015

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Lang Fellowships are designed to encourage and assist Baruch's junior faculty members to develop and carry out scholarly research in their disciplines in furtherance of their academic careers. The goal of the program is to produce scholarly research that represents significant accomplishment. I urge all eligible faculty members to apply (eligible faculty will receive a separate hard copy mailing) and ask that senior faculty encourage their junior colleagues to apply.


Application Deadline and Selection Schedule

** Deadline extended to 5pm, February 18th, 2014 **

    • Project proposals must be submitted on or before5pm, February 18th, 2014.
    • Fellowship decisions will be announced on or before Commencement.
    • Funding will be available for the following academic year, beginning  July 1, 2014.


Eligible projects include scholarly research, creative projects, and other types of projects that represent significant contributions to the applicant's discipline. These projects must meet the standards of professional and academic achievement recognized by the tenure and promotion guidelines set forth by CUNY. In addition to scholarly research and publication, examples of eligible projects include professional-level (a) writing and publication of creative/journalistic works, (b) creation and performance/exhibition of works of the fine arts or music, (c) writing and production of works of theater, (d) creation and implementation of public initiatives that serve the social good and are specifically relevant to the applicant's academic disciplines.

Research proposals requesting support of up to $8,000 from full-time tenure track junior faculty members of Baruch College in all disciplines will be considered. A committee of Baruch faculty members determines the fellowship winners. This exciting opportunity for junior faculty members is made possible by Mr. Lang's generous donation through the Eugene M. Lang Foundation. Eugene M. Lang agreed to renew The Eugene M. Lang Junior Faculty Research Program through 2010. Mr. Lang is delighted with the extraordinary quality of the research his funding has supported during the past years.

For information on eligibility, how to apply and additional information go to

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Melisa Mendez at or 646-312-2207. Proposals should be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (Box J-1010) by March 1, 2010.

James McCarthy
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

    • Recent Awardees



  • Christina Balboa, SPA
  • Sean Crockett, Economics & Finance, ZSB
  • Catherine Good, Psychology, WSAS
  • Edyta Greer, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Mahima Hada, Marketing, ZSB
  • Sean O'Toole, English, WSAS


  • James Ely Shipley, English, WSAS
  • Xiaoli Yin, Management, ZSB
  • Yu Yue, Statistics & CIS, ZSB
  • Allison Deutermann, English, WSAS
  • Angela Pinto, Psychology, ZSB
  • Rachel Smith, SPA
  • Don Waisanen, SPA
  • Brian Murphy, History, WSAS
  • Rong Huang, Accountancy, ZSB


  • Els de Graauw, Political Science, WSAS
  • Helene Eisenman, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Hyokyoung (Grace) Hong, Statistics & CIS, ZSB
  • Jason Munshi-South, Natural Sciences, WSAS
  • Weilei (Stone) Shi, Management, ZSB
  • Na Yin, Public Affairs, SPA

Johanna Fernandez, History
   Andra Ghent, Real Estate
   Edyta Greer, Natural Sciences
   David Gruber, Natural Sciences
   Ke Liang, Sociology & Anthropology
   Gene Park, Political Science

Timothy Aubry, English
   Hillary Botein, SPA
   Charlotte Brooks, History
   Karen Shelby, Fine and Performing Arts
   Gregory Snyder, Sociology and Anthropology
   Ana Valenzuela, Marketing
   Chester Zarnoch, Natural Sciences

   Bin Chen, SPA
   Micki Eisenman, Management
   David Hoffman, SPA
   Rajarishi Nahata, Economics and Finance
   Robin Root, Sociology and Anthropology
   Valerie Schawaroch, Natural Sciences
   Jun Wang, Economics and Finance
   Elizabeth Wollman, Fine and Performing Arts

Daniele Artistico, Psychology
   James DeFilippis, Black and Hispanic Studies
   Ozgur Demirtas, Economics and Finance
   Jennifer Goldstein, SPA
   Matthew Johnson, Computer Information Systems
   Thomas Kramer, Marketing
   Chandrika Kulatillike, Natural Sciences
   Sanyoung Song, Marketing
   Ana Valenzuela, Marketing
   Dov Waxman, Political Science

Benedetto Fontana, Political Science
   Kenneth Guest, Sociology & Anthropology
   Judith Kafka, Public Affairs
   Hyeong-Min Kim, Marketing
   Nanda Kumar, CIS
   Katherine Pence, History
   Robin Root, Sociology & Anthropology
   Roumen Vragov, CIS
   Rui Yao, Economics & Finance

  Donald Byard, Accountancy
   Vincent DiGirolamo, History
   Ted Henken, Sociology/Anthropology and Black & Hispanic Studies
   Elena Kosyginia, Mathematics
   Thomas Kramer, Marketing
   Lin Peng, Economics & Finance
   Valerie Schawaroch, Natural Sciences
   Charles Scherbaum, Psychology
   John Shon, Accountancy

Raquel Benbunan-Fich, CIS
   Jay Dahya, Economics & Finance
   Thomas Desch-Obi, History
   Charlotte Hansen, Economics & Finance
   Ying Li, Accountancy
   Mehmet Ozbilgin, Accountancy
   Jaihyun Park, Psychology

Gayle DeLong, Economics & Finance
   Benedetto Fontana, Political Science
   Marios Koufaris, Statistics and CIS
   Kristin Sommer, Psychology
   Dan Stefanica, Mathematics
   Tamara Giles-Vernick, History
   Lilia Ziamou, Marketing

Turan Bali, Economics & Finance
   Zheng Wang, Statistics and CIS
   Andrea Gabor, Journalism
   Alison Griffiths, Communication Studies

Ajay Das, Management
   Paschalina (Lilia) Ziamou, Marketing
   Eva Shan Chou, English
   Stephanie Golob, Political Science

Ed Tucker, Natural Sciences
   Keith Ramig, Natural Sciences
   David Jones, Political Science
   Tansen Sen, History

Linda Hoffman, Natural Sciences
   John Wahlert, Natural Sciences
   Ramzi Khuri, Natural Sciences
   Wendell Pritchett, History
   Keith Ramig, Natural Sciences
   Armen Hovakimian, Economics & Finance
   David Jones, Political Science
   Alison Griffiths, Communication Studies

Jerry Bornstein, Library
   Sudipta Basu, Accountancy
   Eva Shan Chou, English
   Bert Hansen, History
   Johann Reusch, Fine & Performing Arts