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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Joint Committee on Curriculum and Articulation

Last updated on April 1, 2019

Article VII, Section 2 of the Bylaws of the General Faculty reads as follows:


 Section 2 – Joint Committee on Curriculum and Articulation


This Committee shall consider curriculum and matters of articulation that are College-wide in nature.  It shall make recommendations to the General Faculty and the faculties of the several Schools as may be appropriate.

The Committee shall consist of ten voting members:  two faculty members from each School to be selected in accordance with the Bylaws of that School; and three undergraduate students, two to be selected from the Day Session Student Government, one to be selected from the Evening Student Session Assembly; and one graduate student to be selected by the Graduate Student Assembly.  The Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee, the Registrar or designee, the Chief Librarian or designee, and the several Schools’ full Deans or designees shall serve ex officio with voice but without vote.


Members of the Joint Committee on Curriculum and Articulation for 2018-2019:

Edward Adams (Senior Registrar) ex officio

Razieh Arabi (Undergraduate)*

Nancy Aries (MSPIA)*

Noah Epstein (Undergraduate)*

Wliiam Ferns (ZSB)*

Rachél Fester (Assistant Provost, Assessment, Accreditation, and Institutional Effectiveness) ex officio

Eric Gander (WSAS)*

Gary Hentzi (Associate Dean, WSAS) ex officio

Qing Hu (Associate Dean, ZSB) ex officio

Radhika Kalani (Undergraduate)*

Seth Lipner (ZSB)*

David Milch (WSAS)*

Jerry Mitchell (Associate Dean, MSPIA) ex officio

Alex Perrotta (MSPIA)*

Taji Sanders (Graduate Student)*

Dennis Slavin (Associate Provost, chair) ex officio

Briana Staten (Undergraduate)**

Melissa Sultana (Assesment, MSPIA) ex officio

Thomas Teufel (Assesment, WSAS) ex officio

Lisa Vaia (Director of Assessment, Accreditation, and Program Learning, ZSB) ex officio

* = voting member

**= serves as an alternate voting memeber