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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Integrating Information Literacy & Communication Skills Across the Curriculum: Learning Goals & Assessment

Last updated on1/29/2007

Baruch College Faculty Conference

Funding for this conference has been provided in part by the Joseph Drown Foundation.

Friday, March 11, 8:30am-2:30pm, VC 14-220
Continental Breakfast and Luncheon provided

Please click here for a video on the conference

Today an educated person must be able to function proficiently in a rapidly evolving information environment, think critically about the content and quality of information, and communicate findings and conclusions effectively. Such skills are necessary not only for academic success across all disciplines, but also for career success, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education recently acknowledged the importance of these skills by requiring the integration of information literacy and communication across the curriculum as a criterion for accreditation. Learning opportunities that optimize the development of information literacy and communication skills and facilitate assessment of student learning will be the focus of a this conference.

Keynote Speaker
Oswald M. T. Ratteray, Associate Director, Middle States Commission on Higher Education: Pedagogical Foundations for Information Literacy

Panel of Faculty Respondents:
Moderator: Curtis Kendrick, CUNY University Librarian
Panelists: Profs. Tim Stevens, English Department, John Jay College; Sanders Korenman, School of Public Affairs Baruch College; Hannah Rothstein, Management Department, Baruch College.

Panel Discussion: Assessment of Student Learning
Moderator: David Potash, Associate Provost, Baruch College
Panelists: Prof. Nancy Becker, Library Science, St. John’s University; Joyce Strawser, Associate Dean of Undergraduate and MBA Curricula, Stillman Business School, Seton Hall University; Raymond Rodrigues, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty, Skidmore College; Prof. Seth Lipner, Law Department and Chair, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College.

Poster Sessions highlighting reflections, experiences, insights, and practical suggestions that address:

  • The current status of information literacy and communication in the curriculum on campus;
  • Learning goals that facilitate development of information literacy and communications;
  • Creative and innovative assignments that integrate these skills into the curriculum;
  • Collaborative faculty efforts within and across disciplines that maximize learning opportunities for information literacy and communication;
  • Principles and strategies for meaningful assessment of student learning.

Registration: Send an e-mail indicating your name and department by March 4th to Please indicate if you require provision of kosher food.

Committee Members:
Nancy Aries, School of Public Affairs
Paula Berggren, English
Jerry Bornstein, Library
T. J. Desch-Obi, History
Arthur Downing, Asst. Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Librarian
Lisa Ellis, Library
Andrea Gabor, English/Journalism program
Mikhail Gershovich, Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute
Alison Griffiths, Communications Department
Louise Klusek, Library
Lewis Liu, Library
Terrence Martell, Economics and Finance, Director of the Weissman Center for International Business
Marilyn Neimark, Accountancy
Rita Ormsby, Library
Jay Weiser, Law

Funding for this conference is provided by the Provost’s Office.