CUNY's 5th Annual IT Conference
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Friday, December 1, 2006

Instructional/Information Technology in CUNY: Entry Points, Efficiencies, Visions

The City University of New York will hold its 5th annual all-day conference devoted to instructional and information technology the first Friday in December 2006. The conference will offer an overview of the University's key IT initiatives, an opportunity to explore how technology is changing instruction, research, and administration, and an occasion to hear from CUNY’s IT leaders as well as to meet with vendors.

The concurrent sessions will provide a rich array of presentations, encompassing a broad range of topics of interest to CUNY students, faculty, technology staff, and college administrators, giving attendees a greater sense of the educational and administrative opportunities that IT makes possible and the roles faculty, students, and staff have in the ever-changing landscape of technology use.

For this year's conference we are especially interested in the following points of focus:

1. Entry Points: How do those interested get started using particular devices, applications, environments (e.g., Flash, media streaming, podcasting, blogs and wikis, database integration and form management in websites)?

2. Efficiencies: How can a particular solution make teaching or administrative tasks better, faster, cheaper, more accurate, and more accessible to those with disabilities?

3. Visions: How can we use existing technology (e.g., cellular phones or instant messaging) in new ways in instruction and administration? How can challenges (with record keeping, academic integrity, assessment, information management, research) invite new solutions? What plans for change (notably CUNY’s implementation of a new ERP) promise to alter current practices, and how will we manage such change?

Proposals should be between a paragraph and a page in length, and should include a title as well as the name and campus affiliation of each presenter. (Proposals may be made for group as well as individual presentations.) Submit a proposal using the form at Proposals are due by 9/15/06. Acceptances will be announced by the end of that month.