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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Required Ethics Courses

Last updated on 1/31/2003

Ethics Courses
(or courses that prominently
feature discussions of ethics) at Baruch College

Undergraduate Curriculum

- All Baruch College undergraduates must take a Philosophy course in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences. Two of the three choices focus on ethics for at least one-third of the semester; the third is a course in Ethical Theory.

- All entering Freshmen take the Freshman Seminar, one module of which focuses on ethics.

- All business undergraduates must take LAW 1101 (Fundamentals of Business Law) and MGT 3120 (Fundamentals of Management). Discussion of ethical issues is a component of both. Management majors (except those specializing in entrepreneurship) are required to take MGT 3800 (Management and Society).

Graduate Curriculum

- All MBA students must take BUS 9100 (The Societal and Governmental Environment of Business) or BUS 9110 (Business and Society) and MGT 9300 (Management: A Behavioral Approach). All three include significant components on ethics.

- All Journalism M.A. students must take ENG 9510 (Legal and Ethical Issues in Business Journalism).

- All Corporate Communication M.A. students must take COM 9510 (Media and Business Ethics).

- All Industrial/Organizational Psychology Ph.D. students must take PSY 77100 (Ethical and Legal Issues for Psychologists).

- All of the core courses in the School of Public Affairs feature an ethics component.


All curriculum proposals in the Zicklin School of Business must contain a statement of how ethics or ethical decision-making is included in the course. (ZSB faculty passed a resolution in 1993 that issues of ethics and ethical decision-making be included in every course.)


Many elective courses across the three schools at both undergraduate and graduate levels include components that focus on ethics.