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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

On-Line Resources on Ethics

Last updated on 6/16/2016

Compiled by Prof. Josh Mills of Baruch College/CUNY, who makes no claim to originality and thanks all the individuals, organizations and institutions whose heavy lifting he brings together here. If you come across other links, please send them to Prof. Mills.   He will keep this up to date and re-circulate it.


Business Ethics Newsletter
This newsletter is affiliated with the IESE Business School at the University of Navarra (Spain). The goal of the Business Ethics Newsletter is to highlight certain stories featuring business ethics that have appeared recently in the media.

Business Ethics: Resources for Educators
Business Ethics claims to be the premier publication of the movement for greater social responsibility in business. The publication has been in operation for 15 years and is aimed at secondary and post-secondary level educators.

Ethics moves to the head of the Class This AP article from August 16, 2002 examines the growing interest in business ethics courses by students on many college campuses. Business schools are responding to this demand by providing new ethics curriculum selections and by trying to find ways to integrate these values into current business courses.

BusinessWeek Online
BusinessWeek Online allows you to search for articles dealing with ethics in business. Use the search feature to retrieve current articles covering a variety of ethical dilemmas affecting the business world including information about the Enron, Tyco and WorldCom scandals.

Do You Need an Ethics Manager?

Start-up companies may overlook one key element when trying to get their companies off the ground. Ethical issues that often arise in the workplace may result in lawsuits that will drain their budgets or government penalties. This article examines how and why many companies are starting to hire ethics managers.

Financial Scandals
Financial Scandals is a site created by Roy Davies that is divided into 8 sections and is designed for a broad audience, from business executives interested in business ethics issues to financial history enthusiasts. has numerous articles discussing ethics and ethical issues in the corporate world. Type ethics in the site's search feature to retrieve the latest articles.

House Committee on Energy and Commerce: Documents Related to Enron w ords/Enron.htm
The unfolding of the Enron scandal is documented by the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Investigative reports and news releases.


Resources on the Enron scandal:

* BBC: The Enron Affair                             

* CNN: The End of Enron?                                                   

http://www.busine s is a site created by Chris MacDonald, and it is one of the many ( topic areas. Canadian and international resources including articles, case studies, and business ethics in the news reports are provided. A special collection on Enron & Ethics is on the site.

Carnegie Mellon: Ethics Teaching Materials
This site, developed by the Center for International Corporate Responsibility, provides links to the role of ethics instruction in B-school, case studies, tutorials and business scandal articles. Academic resources, membership organization information and other ethical materials are also available. is a free service for business faculty and students offered by Aspen Institutes Initiative for Social Innovation through Business). Cases and topics for discussion are posted at this site, and the cases are searchable by topic or discipline.

Ethics Case Studies: Illinois CPA Society
Dr. Howard A. Kanter at the DePaul School of Accountancy and the ICPAS Ethics Committee have developed and maintained the case studies found at the Illinois CPA Society Web site. The cases presented cover areas like discreditable acts, compliance with standards, accounting principles and general standards.

Ethics Case Study Detail
Case studies covering a wide range of ethical issues, including this one about the Atlantic Cement Company, can be found at the Ethics Update site

Institute for Global Ethics (IGE)
IGE is an organization dedicated to promoting ethical behavior in individuals, institutions, and nations through research, public discourse, and practical action.

Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)
The goal of the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) is to encourage high standards of corporate and business behavior and the sharing of best practice.

Creating a Code of Ethics
Chris MacDonald of St. Marys University (Halifax, Canada) put together this site with links to resources to assist individuals and groups in writing a code of ethics.

Ethics in Small Business