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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

College Closings (due to weather)

To report any EMERGENCY on campus, use any campus phone to call 3333, or use your cell phone to call 646-312-3333.

Last updated on 10/2/15

Procedures for Severe Weather and Other Emergency Closings


If it should become necessary to cancel classes or to close Baruch College buildings because of severe weather conditions or other emergencies, the following radio and television stations will broadcast and/or webpost current CUNY messages after 6:00 a.m. on the day involved. Announcements will indicate whether day classes, evening classes, or both are canceled.


Radio Station

Web Sites

           WINS 1010 AM


TV Station

Web Sites

NY 1


FOX  Ch. 5


City’s Information Line


 Phone: 311

The announcements will also be posted on the CUNY web site at, will be made available through 311, as well as a Baruch hot line at (646) 312-INFO.

If classes are canceled, all staff, except those designated as essential to provide emergency coverage, are released without charge to leave balances.

The Security Office (646) 660-6000 is open 24 hours a day; the College switchboard (646-312-1000) will also be staffed for emergency coverage.

When changing conditions require early closing during the workday, Human Resources will notify each office directly by telephone or e-mail, and the radio stations will alert students and faculty members about canceled evening classes.

In addition, we recommend that you sign up for CUNY Alert emails, text messages, or voicemails which provide reports as CUNY aggregates them.