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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

The Baruch College Campus

Last updated on 1/2/2015

The campus comprises six buildings, as outlined below. The bold letters on the left correspond to the official designations of campus boxes and offices (e.g. Box B 8-250 means the Newman Vertical Campus, 8th floor, Room 250). For more detailed descriptions of the facilities see the Bulletin; for the location of specific offices or individuals, see the on-line directory; for additional information on the college see the homepage; and then there's the map.

A   17 Lexington Avenue (23rd Street)

B   Newman Vertical Campus
      (One Bernard Baruch Way / 55 Lexington Avenue) 

C   Newman Hall (137 East 22nd Street) 

D   135 East 22nd Street

  H   151 East 25th Street

I     137 East 25th Street (The Annex)