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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

CIC Guidelines

Last updated on 2/6/09

Guidelines for Communication-Intensive Courses (CICs)

These guidelines were approved by the curriculum committees
of the WSAS, ZSB and SPA in 2007.

  1. A central objective of a CIC is the improvement of students’ written and/or oral communication skills.

  2. The course’s syllabus will include substantial written and/or oral assignments as an integral part of the course’s curriculum.

  3. Writing assignments and/or oral presentations will be guided by the appropriate learning goals for communication skills as well as by the learning goals of the course.

  4. The instructor and/or consultants will provide substantial feedback
    on the students’ written and/or oral work, and the students will have opportunities, as appropriate to the course design, to revise written
    work based on that feedback.