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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Bridge Fund Program

Last updated on 1/8/2015

Bridge Fund Program

CUNY faculty who run externally funded research programs and who run into a funding crisis due to a competitive renewal of their grant not being funded may apply for bridge funds under specific circumstances as outlined below. In appropriate cases this program will provide up to a maximum of $25,000, when justified, with an equal match requirement from the home campus of the faculty member. In order to ensure the continuance of this program and provide funding for as many faculty as possible, it is required that 50% of the funding provided by this office must be repaid within 6 months of the faculty member receiving any external funding, this repayment should come from indirect costs generated by the newly funded grant(s).

In order to be considered for funding through this program, faculty must meet the following requirements:
  • Have a history of continuous (at least six years), independent external funding for their research project
    (institutional grants do not meet this requirement).
  • Have submitted a competitive renewal that has not been funded but that can be resubmitted at the next deadline (reviews for this proposal must be submitted with the application for funding).
  • Have a signed commitment for an equal amount of matching funds from their home campus.
  • Submit a detailed list of any funds currently available to them, including no-cost extensions, as well as a time frame for re-submission of the research proposal.
  • Submit a list of other grant proposals submitted with timelines for possible funding.
  • Sign a commitment to return any residual funds supplied through this program immediately upon receiving any external funds.
  • Submit a detailed budget for the bridge funds acceptable items that will be considered include salaries for a postdoc, technician, graduate student; supplies; user fees for research facilities.

Final decisions for funding will be made by the Vice Chancellor for Research in consultation with the Provost of the respective College and will depend on availability of funds and respective needs.

Applications for the Bridge Fund Program must be made at the home campus; forms are available at the grants offices or can be downloaded HERE <pdf>