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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Support for Faculty Development from the Baruch College Fund in AY 2005-2006

Last updated on 8/17/06

Barcuh College received $500,000 to support faculty research and teaching in the 2005-2006 academic year. Here is an overview of the how that support was distributed (see below for link to complete report):

  • Travel to professional conferences - 193 trips by members of the faculty
  • Graduate student assistantships - 28 assistantships
  • Summer research support - to 29 members of the faculty
  • Travel to teaching-related conferences - to 14 members of the faculty
  • Travel to assessment conferences - to 22 members of the faculty and administration
  • Accent reduction tutorials for international faculty - 18 members of the faculty
  • Master Teacher Series - five speakers; eight events attended by nearly 240 members of the faculty

For the complete report, see Report on Faculty Support AY 05-06. Please note: many faculty members received support from other sources, so not all who received support in the foregoing categories are listed in the report; additionally, some are listed for funds encumbered for the summer or near future.