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The Baruch College Faculty Handbook

Academic Integrity Website

Last updated on 3/27/18

Faculty members who ignore academic dishonesty send the message that the core values of academic life, and community life in general, are not worth any significant effort to enforce.

- excerpted from the academic integrity website of Rutgers University

Baruch College's Academic Integrity Committee

sponsored a CUNY-wide A.I. conference

on Friday, March 9, 2007.

Program of the conference

Video of some of the conference sessions


The members of the faculty and administration of Baruch College wish to affirm that core academic and community values are central to our mission and eminently worth enforcing. Having created and circulated a Faculty Guide to Student Academic Integrity in the late 1990s, the college created an academic integrity task force in Fall 2002 dedicated to educating and enforcing those values through development efforts aimed at both faculty and students. The following links will take you to sites that focus on various aspects of Baruch College's commitment to academic integrity:


Baruch College Documents/Sites


  • Final Report of the CUNY Committee on Academic Integrity

  • "Truth or Consequences"

    Our colleagues at Queens College have experimented with requiring students implicated in acts of academic dishonesty to meet as a group to "encourage discussion of their unethical behavior." The groups have been led by Barbara J. Moore, Assistant Professor of student personnel and a counselor at the Counseling and Advisement Center at Queens College. Her report of those discussions was published as "Truth or Consequences" in About Campus (September/October, 2002). (The link is to a typescript distributed with Prof. Moore's permission.)