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Video Overview - Space Policy and Reservation System

As part of our Strategic Plan's institutional effectiveness agenda, the College has adopted an updated Space Reservation Policy that is designed to address and fix a number of persistent issues inherent in the previous system. This revised policy and the new software-based Reservation System are important elements in Baruch's effort to increase effectiveness across campus by assuring that academic programs are appropriately housed while also providing accommodations for a variety of other events. The College has prepared a brief video presented by School of Public Affairs Dean David Birdsell to provide an overview of the development of the new Space Reservation Policy and Space Reservation System that will be utilized by calendar administrators. We encourage members of the Baruch College community who would like additional information on the development and implementation of the new policy and system to watch Dean Birdsell explain the audit of campus spaces; the purchase and tailoring of the Active Data Calendar Software suite; as well as benefits the new system provides.