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Overview of CUNYFirst

Use MyInfo for quick lookup of your information

The MyInfo service allows you to quickly check your schedule, textbook list, program plan, and more. Go to MyInfo and log in with Your CUNY Portal or Blackboard user name and password-not your CUNYfirst username and password. (If you have forgotten your CUNY Portal information recover or reset your CUNY Portal account). MyInfo is accessible at all times, regardless of CUNYfirst availability.

Workarounds for CUNYfirst Known Issues

Students, faculty, and staff should be aware that BCTC and CUNY's Central Information Services (CIS) team have identified minor issues with CUNYfirst. View CUNYfirst issues and workarounds.

What is CUNYfirst?

CUNYfirst stands for "Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool." This is how everyday things are done throughout the University, from registering for classes to paying our bills.

It is an interconnected, self-service, University-wide system that effectively ties into and manages:

  • students’ college education and records;
  • faculty/staff employment and compensation information;
  • College business operations.

All students, faculty, and staff now use CUNYfirst for the following resources and responsibilities:

Human Resources

Campus Solutions



Student Records
Financial Aid

General Ledger
Planning & Budgeting
Procurement(Accounts Payable, Expenses & Purchasing)
Accounts Receivable
Asset Management
Cash & Deal Management

Learn more at the University's CUNYfirst site.

My Personalizations” lets users switch to a layout that better accommodates visually impaired users and assistive technologies, such as screen readers and magnifiers.

  • If users do not need assistive technologies, you can ignore the “My Personalizations” menu option
  • The “My Personalizations” options under ’General Options: Accessible Features’ allows a choice that rearranges the content to a linear format, enhancing field focus, rearranging table layouts and offers simpler navigation to better accommodate assistive technologies for the visually impaired. The options are:
    • Use accessible mode layout - This option is for use with screen readers. Page elements (fields, links, buttons, etc.) are presented linearly to assistive software
    • Use standard mode layout - This option supports assistive technologies without altering the page design