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Baruch College Students Showcase Projects from Research to Multi-Media Installations at the 3rd Annual Creative Inquiry Day

Student participation breaks record at the annual campus event

creative inquiry day 2016
President Mitchel Wallerstein learns about students’ projects during Creative Inquiry Day


NEW YORK, NY- May 25, 2016 - Baruch College students presented their best work at the 3rd Annual Creative Inquiry Day on Thursday, May 19. The event celebrates undergraduate student research and projects ranging from theses, to classwork, to art, and multi-media installations.

Now in its third year, a record number of 225 students from all majors participated in seven areas: Arts & Humanities, Business, Natural Sciences, Psychology, Public Affairs, Social Sciences, and a new category: The Field Center for Entrepreneurship’s Maker Space. Students participated individually, in small groups, and in classes. The competition is open to all students, and judges evaluate on three factors: the content of the project, the visual presentation, and the students’ ability to describe their work.

Creative Inquiry Day celebrates the research and creative work of undergraduate students and their faculty mentors. Deep student learning arises from doing these big projects,” said Jody Vaisman, Associate Director, Baruch Honors Program. “For example, students develop research skills and build relationships with faculty. Participation has nearly doubled each year for the past three years. We hope to continue to grow student participation and the number of faculty who work with students.”

creative inquiry day

The annual event resulted from a three-day workshop that involved faculty and staff in the summer of 2013, and it is now sponsored by the Honors Program and the Bernard L. Schwartz Communication Institute.

“The focus of the workshop was to develop an understanding across disciplines of undergraduate research learning goals and outcomes,” Nancy Aries, Professor in the School of Public Affairs and Director of the Baruch Honors Program. “Creative Inquiry Day was one of the ideas proposed as a next step for how to advance this agenda for student learning and engagement at the College. We are excited to see the numbers grow. To me it recognizes the extent to which students at Baruch are engaged in intellectual work and provides them a place to showcase what they have done.”

For a full list of this year’s winners, visit Creative Inquiry Day 2016 here.





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