The program in Healthcare Administration (HCA) leads to the degree of Master of Business Administration in healthcare administration. Its purpose is to prepare individuals for leadership positions in a wide variety of health care organizations. It achieves this by:

  1. developing the management students analytic and decision-making capabilities,
  2. providing the student with a strong foundation in business, and
  3. providing the student with a thorough background in the health care delivery system.

This is an accelerated program designed to be completed in three years. It is also designed to meet the educational requirements of the Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration. Since this program is only offered on a part-time basis, it may not be taken by international students whose visas require full-time study.

Students are registered for a total of 57 semester hour credits. This includes MBA core requirements and required courses outside the core.

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Course  Title  Credits 

ACC 9110

Financial Accounting3

ACC 9313

Managerial Accounting3

BUS 9100

Business and Society3

BUS 9200

Business Policy3

BUS 9301

Leadership Development and Assessment2

BUS 9303

Three Faces of Negotiating: Behavior, Law, and Labor1

FIN 9770

Financial Decision Making3

FIN 9790

Seminar in Finance3

LAW 9213

Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration3

MGT 9300

Management: A Behavioral Approach3

MGT 9400

Human Resource Management3

MKT 9703

Marketing Management3

STA 9708

Applied Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions3
either this course...  

CIS 9000

Information Systems for Managers3
...or the following two courses...  

CIS 9001

Information Systems for Managers I1.5

CIS 9002

Information Systems for Managers II: Managing and Harnessing Technology1.5
either these three courses...  

ECO 9708

Microeconomics for Managers2

ECO 9709


ECO 9766

Health Care Economics2
...or the following four courses...  

ECO 9730

Fundamentals of Microeconomics1.5

ECO 9740

Fundamentals of Macroeconomics1.5

ECO 9792

 Specials Topics in Economics: Economics of Health Care Systems1.5

MGT 9792

 Special Topics in Operations Management: Health Care Quality Management1.5 
either this course...  

MGT 9700

Introduction to Operations Management3
...or the following two courses...  

MGT 9702

Service Operations I1.5

MGT 9704

Service Operations II1.5
either these two courses...  

MGT 9721

Strategic Planning3

MGT 9350

Organizational Analysis in Health Care3
...or the following two courses...  

BUS 9793

Special Topics in Sustainable Business: Emerging issues in the Health Care Industry3

MGT 9994

Special Topics in Enterpreneurship: Health Care Ventures3
either this course...  

STA 9000

Regression and Forecasting Models for Business Applications3
...or the following two courses...  

ECO 9792

Special Topics in Economics: Population Health Assessment1.5

MGT 9792

Special Topics in Operations Management: Business Forecasting1.5


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