Regulations Governing Student Conduct

Baruch College is dedicated not only to learning and the advancement of knowledge but also to the development of ethical and responsible persons. It seeks to achieve these goals through a sound educational program and policies that encourage independence and maturity. Regulations governing student conduct have been formulated with these objectives in view.

The regulations described below have been promulgated by the duly established college authorities pursuant to Article XV, Section 15.1, of the Bylaws of the Board of Higher Education of The City of New York (see page 240). Procedures for the enforcement of campus codes are detailed in other sections of Article XV (see pages 240–42). Nothing contained herein shall conflict with the rights of The City University of New York as stated in the Rules and Regulations for the Maintenance of Campus Order pursuant to Article 129A of the Educational Law of New York State (see pages 244–45).

Members of the Baruch College community are bounded by federal, state, and municipal laws as well as by the regulations enacted by the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York and by the duly established college authorities designated by the president and dean of students. Institutional discipline is aimed at conduct that directly and significantly impairs the opportunities of members of the college community to attain their educational objectives. The rules are intended to protect the health and safety of persons in the college community and to maintain and protect property. There are, also, guidelines for the keeping of records and the sponsoring of non-classroom activities, such as lectures, concerts, athletic events, and social functions.


Sanctions can result from the commission of any of the following offenses:


The commission of any of the above offenses shall be subject to the following sanctions: admonition, warning, censure, disciplinary probation, restitution, suspension, expulsion, ejection, or complaint to civil authorities. The definition of these sanctions can be found in the Baruch College Undergraduate Bulletin. The procedures for the administration of these penalties are detailed in the section on disciplinary procedures in the Baruch College Undergraduate Bulletin.

Sale and Purchase of Research Papers for Course Use

The sale or purchase of term papers, student essays, reports, and other written assignments intended for use in credit courses is prohibited. Purchase from commercial term paper firms for use as course papers is illegal and subjects a student to disciplinary proceedings.

Smoking Regulation

Smoking is prohibited in all Baruch facilities.