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The real estate major consists of one required course and three electives.While the required course focuses on real estate finance, the electives allow students to explore a variety of issues related to real estate. These include valuation and market analysis, capital markets, real estate law and transactions, urban economics, and investment analysis and strategies. The MS program delivers not only core business knowledge and management skills but also knowledge and technical training specific to the real estate industry.

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Major Courses    (12 credits)


RES 9776

 Real Estate Finance 


FIN 9776


3 credits

Choose three courses from:

RES 9790

 Law of Real Estate Transactions and Land Use Regulations 


LAW 9790


3 credits

RES 9800

 Real Estate Valuation and Market Analysis3 credits

RES 9850

 Real Estate Capital Markets3 credits

RES 9860

 Real Estate Development3 credits

RES 9900

 Advanced Real Estate Investment Analysis3 credits

RES 9930

 Real Estate Taxation 


TAX 9930


3 credits

RES 9940

 Real Estate Marketing3 credits

RES 9960

 Real Estate and Urban Economics*3 credits

RES 9980

 Real Estate Entrepreneurship 


MGT 9975


3 credits

RES 9990

 Real Estate Research and Project3 credits

ECO 9774

 Economics of Urban Areas*3 credits

*Either RES 9960 or ECO 9774 may be used to fulfill the major requirement, not both.