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Field Description

Womens studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that is widely accepted at most campuses in this country as well as in much of the world. It joins together the research and teaching of sociology, history, anthropology, psychology, political science, and the humanities and arts on the subject of women as individuals and members of society. The program fosters students abilities to analyze and think critically about womens issues and gender relations at the same time that it deepens their understanding of the approach of the field. Students analyze the construction of gender roles and gain a sense of how gender is shaped in different societies at different times. Understanding the roles of women and gender is important for everyone but especially for liberal arts majors and for students who aim for careers in business and the professions.

The Minor

Womens studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of womens individual and collective experiences. Courses in this program will examine the sources and impact of gender expectations and relations, the complex roles women play, and the social, political, intellectual, and cultural contributions women make within a variety of global cultures and societies. To complete the minor in women's studies, students must complete two 3000-level courses in two different disciplines and a common capstone course, WSM 4900 Topics in Women's Studies.

Required Course
Topics in Women’s Studies


Choose two courses, from two different disciplines, from the following:
The Black Child and Adolescent in the United States
The Black Family
Women of Color
Women and Family in the Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Literature
Latin American Jewish Women Writers (), (), ()
Latinas: A Social and Cultural Survey
Women in Film
Women in Literature
Black Women Writers
Lesbian and Gay Themes in 20th Century Literature
Women Writers in France (taught in French)
Women in African History
Women in Europe: Ancient to Modern
Women in America
Women: Politics and Policy
Psychology of Women
Diversity in the Workplace

Women, Culture, and Society   (

ANT 3110

Sociology of the Family
Twentieth-Century Women’s Writing in Latin America
(taught in Spanish)


Courses in Women's Studies

WSM 4900

Topics in Women's Studies

3 hours; 3 credits