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The Global Studies Minor incorporates perspectives from a wide range of disciplines in order to explore complex economic, geopolitical, diasporic, and cultural exchanges across the world. Students minoring in Global Studies become aware of the migrations of peoples, economic goods, cultural products, and ideas across national, geographic, and conceptual borders through a wide range of media. Students also will explore international interactions, both at the national government level and at the sub-national level. The Global Studies Minor provides an overview of historical developments and emerging forces that knit the globe together, including a critical look at the histories of connectivity and an exploration of contemporary debates. The program introduces students to key theoretical concepts and research methods in the field, such as globalization theory, international relations theory, critical race theory, theories of empire and imperialism, and connectivity. In so doing, this program investigates the forms, structures, and practices that characterize the history and future of the global patterns of contact and conflict that underlie contemporary culture and society. 

In order to complete a minor in Global Studies, students must complete (in any order):

One of the following introductory courses:


International Communication3 credits
Literature and Globalization 3 credits 
 Topics in the History of Globalization 3 credits 
Seminar on Political Globalization3 credits 
One of the following introductory courses:
Introduction to Human Geography (3 credits 
World Regional Geography (3 credits 
Anthropology and Contemporary World Issues 3 credits 
 Seminar on the Anthropology of Peace and War 3 credits 
Race and Global Inequality (3 credits 
Jewish Latin American Women Writers (, , 3 credits 
Latino/a Literature in the U.S. ()3 credits 
Translating Between World: Literature and Anthropology (3 credits 
Immigration Cinema: Migrations and Border Crossings to Europe and the U.S. (, 3 credits 
African Diasporas: U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean (3 credits 
Introduction to Digital Communication and Culture 3 credits 
 Intercultural Communication 3 credits 
Organizations in International Development3 credits 
Ethnic Literature 3 credits 
Post-Colonial Literature 3 credits 
North Africa: Literature and Film (taught in French) 3 credits 
French Orientalism (taught in French) 3 credits 
Special Topics in Global Studies * 3 credits 
Independent Study in Global Studies (3 credits) ** 3 credits 
History of the African Diaspora (3 credits 
The Immigrant in American History3 credits
Topics in African, Asian, or Latin American History **3 credits 
Capstone Course: In Search of History **3 credits 
World Music 3 credits 
 Political Economy 3 credits 
 The Politics of Immigration & Integration in the United States3 credits 
Contemporary International Conflict3 credits 
Commercial Spanish for Global Markets I (taught in Spanish)3 credits 
Commercial Spanish for Global Markets II (taught in Spanish)3 credits 
Immigration on Stage and Screen (3 credits 
The Capstone Seminar  
Global Studies Capstone (formerly IDC 4900 Globalizations: Past, Present, and Future)3 credits 

* This course may count toward the introductory (category I) requirement for the minor if appropriate. Please consult the Director if the Global Studies Program for permission.

** Students may use this course if the topic is relevant to the minor. Please consult the Director of the Global Studies Program for permission.