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The decision sciences and quantitative methods and modeling majors are designed to train students in the application of mathematical models and decision making in business, industry, and government. An MBA program in decision sciences and an MS program in Quantitative Methods and Modeling are offered. Both provide students with the concepts and skills that form the fundamental base of knowledge essential to quantitative-decision-making professionals in today’s business environment.

The MBA program in decision sciences is designed primarily for those who employ operations research methods in an applied discipline or who are responsible for managing or interfacing with an operations research department. The MS program in quantitative methods and modeling is designed to provide a broad spectrum of basic quantitative skills. The MBA and MS programs are given within the Department of Statistics and Computer Information Systems.

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Major Courses   (12 credits)


OPR 9721

Introduction to Quantitative Modeling3 credits

OPR 9730

Simulation Modeling and Analysis

3 credits

Elective Courses

Choose two courses from (6 credits):*

CIS 9340

Principles of Database Management Systems3 credits

OPR 9750

Basic Software Tools for Data Analysis3 credits

OPR 9783

Stochastic Processes for Business Applications 


STA 9783


3 credits

OPR 9793

Special Topics in Operations Research


OPR 9773


3 credits

STA 9660

Data Mining for Business Analytics


CIS 9660


3 credits

STA 9700

Applied Regression Analysis3 credits

STA 9715

Applied Probability3 credits

*The student may select one 3-credit course from Department of Statistics and Computer Information Systems or one 3-credit quantitative course from outside the department. Selecting the course from outside the department requires the approval of the advisor.