Logging into the calendar

  1. Go to http://www.baruch.cuny.edu/calendar/ or click “Calendar” from the Baruch homepage
  2. Click “Submit Events”
  3. Click “Administrative login”
  4. The username/password is the same as the one you use to login to the computer (Active Directory)

Adding an event to the private calendar (Private calendar users only)

  1. In the calendar service, click the "Events" tab
  2. Click "Events: Add".
  3. Fill out the event name.
  4. Select "Private" for "Publish on Selected Calendar(s)
  5. Select the private category/subcategory that is available to you under "Category(s)/Subcategory(s)"
  6. Fill out the event description
  7. For the event date, start time, and duration, you can opt to fill it out here or in the next screen under "Scheduling & Facilities". 
  8. Click the next tab "Scheduling & Facilities" to proceed to the next screen.
  9. If you filled out the event date, start time, and duration, you will find it populated on the screen here. If you opted not to, fill it out the Start Date / End Date fields and the Start and End times under "Event Time(s)".
  10. If you have multiple occurrences of the event (for instance, five open houses with identical event titles/descriptions), click "Custom Schedule" and select the dates.
  11. When you are done with steps 9 and/or 10, click "Generate Schedule". This will update the screen and allow you to select a location for the event.

    If you have multiple occurences (event dates), you can select a different location for each event by checking off each event that will be using the same room and proceeding with the steps (12-14) below.

    The example image below would allow me to select a location for the 1/19/2013 event.

  12. Midway through the page, you should see a Location/Building/Room(s) checkbox list. Only check off the room that the event is on. If there is no specific room for the event, then check off the building. If the room the event is in is not listed, please submit a request to the BCTC Help Desk to add it.

  13. Once you've selected the location. Click "Save". Upon saving, the location should be reflected similar to the image below.