Answers to questions we've received regarding the Active Data Calendar

Space Reservation Questions 

How do I only make a facility request in the calendar? I don't want an event to be published in the calendar.

What is the difference between "Save Event" and "Release Event"?


How do I see availability in a room before adding an event?

What are setup and tear down times?

How do I find information about a room or who owns the room?

How do I know if I have successfully added a room to my event to be requested?

How do I know if my Dean/VP has given me a rate category?

How do I know if a Space Manager has received my facility request?

How do I know of a Space Manager has approved or denied my facility request?

I've received an email that says "Facility Requested for Event placed in Review/Wait List Status", what does that mean?

General Calendar Questions

How do I become a calendar administrator?

How do I add a new location to my event?

The calendar is telling me that my event description exceeded 8000 characters, but it's not very long. What do I do?

Can I change day and/or time for an event once registration has opened?

I want people who register for my event to be automatically approved. How do I do that?

Is there a way to change the "from" email address from an event registration confirmation email?

I'm making my own form and I see six different types of emails. When are these sent out to the registrants?


Can I style the confirmation, approval, and other emails sent to the registrant for an event?

The calendar will only allow for text for these automated emails. However if you are sending an email to all the registrants through the Registrant Management page, you can send styled messages by checking off "HTML Email".


When I syndicate a list using "Specific Events" with a marketing template, I am restricted to five events. Can I show more?


So it should look like this:

<script language="javascript" src=",1035,1027,1037,1028,1006,1029&adpid=5&number=999"></script>