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The Master of Science in Financial Risk Management will provide students with comprehensive, foundational knowledge of the current state of risk management issues, methodologies and challenges. This program is ideal for candidates who are just beginning their careers in finance, as well as for professionals who want to strengthen their knowledge and skills in this area.  Recent college graduates who are planning for careers in finance will gain a solid grounding in all areas of financial risk management, and will be well prepared for entry-level positions in risk management in all types of financial institutions.  Candidates who are more advanced in their careers will gain knowledge of current risk management tools, methodologies, and techniques, many of which have changed significantly in recent years following the financial crisis. The program also provides students the academic background needed for the professional certification tests of the leading professional financial risk management associations including the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and the Professional Risk Manager (PRM) certification of the Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA).


Course TitleCredits
Required for all MS Students*
Business Communication I1.5 credits
Program specific, 1.5 credit equivalent business communication instruction approved by the Graduate Curriculum Committee.

Preliminary Courses (0-12 Credits)

Students with appropriate academic background will be able to reduce the number of credits in preliminary requirements.

Financial Accounting3 credits
Fundamentals of Microeconomics1.5 credits
Fundamentals of Macroeconomics1.5 credits
Introduction to Quantitative Tools for Finance3 credits
Financial Decision Making3 credits
Required Courses (30 credits chosen by the Bert W. Wasserman Department of Economics and Finance from the following list)
Econometrics - Theory and Applications I3 credits
Futures and Forward Markets3 credits
Investment Analysis3 credits
Management of Financial Institutions3 credits
International Financial Markets3 credits
International Corporate Finance3 credits
Seminar in Finance3 credits
Debt Instruments and Markets3 credits
 Options Markets 3 credits
Measurement and Management of Market Risk I1.5 credits
Measurement and Management of Market Risk II1.5 credits
Measurement and Management of Credit Risk I1.5 credits
 Measurement and Management of Credit Risk II 1.5 credits
Measurement and Management of Risks in Operations and Information Technology1.5 credits
Measurement and Management of Risks in Investments1.5 credits
Implications of Corporate Governance, Regulation, and Ethics of Risk Management1.5 credits
International Finance Markets1.5 credits
Debt Securities1.5 credits
Futures and Forwards1.5 credits
Options1.5 credits
Special Topics in Investments1 credit
Special Topics in Investments1.5 credits
Special Topics in Investments2 credits
Special Topics in Investments3 credits
Risk Management in Financial Institutions3 credits

*Effective spring 2016.

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