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The MA in Corporate Communication is a 36-credit program that is designed to prepare both aspiring and practicing corporate communication professionals to plan, implement, and assess corporate communication strategies in business and industry.

It is strongly recommended that applicants possess: facility with digital media, intranet, social media, and website design and applications; an understanding of business management; and foreign language facility. Proficiency in these areas should be demonstrated through formal undergraduate courses, work experience, and/or professional workshops or courses.

Courses in Specialization    (36 credits)

Core Courses - 5 seminars   (15 credits)
Legal and Ethical Issues in Corporate Communication 3
Corporate Communication 3
Research Methods (Quantitative) in Corporate Communication 3
Qualitative Research Methods in Corporate Communication 3
Choose one of the following courses:    
Communication Strategy 
Media Analysis for Corporate Communication 
International Business Communication 
Exit Requirement     (3 credits)    
MA Thesis in Corprate Communication 
MA Capstone Project in Corprate Communication 
Corporate Communication Elective Courses - 6 seminars    (18 credits)
Select six courses from the following:
Communication and Information Technology 3
Communication Strategy 
Media Analysis for Corporate Communication
Graphic Design for Media Professionals 3
Corporate Culture and Sustainability 3
Counseling the Corporation
Corporate Media Relations
Multinational Corporate Communication and Culture 3
Theories of Persuasion 3
Crisis Communication 3
Investor Relations 3
Employee Communication 3
Corporate Advertising, Image, and Identity 3
International Business Communication 3
Video Production for Corporate Communication 3
Reputation Management
Selected Topics in Corporate Communication 3
Internship in Corporate Communication 3
Independent Study 3



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